Monday, February 23, 2015


I always get caught up in the anticipation of the arrival of each new season. But it is always bitter sweet. Every season is full of its own wonder and diversity and I always sense some loss with regard to the one that is slipping away. But one of the beautiful things about the natural world and the seasons is that in a very trustable way they always cycle back around. They are never exactly the same but they always carry a familiarity with them.

The Trumpeter Swans, Bald Eagles, and other migratory birds, as well as the bleak and eerily beautiful winter landscapes will return. And if I am graced with the number of days that allows me to be present at the arrival of the next one.....I will be out there again to brave the cold and sometimes harsh realities of this particular season.....anticipating the surprise made possible by the unpredictable side of it that is equally a part of it all.



A few things have come together today.

In a Wildlife/Nature group on Facebook, someone referred to these photos of mine as poetry.

Then a friend, Yahia Lababidi, posted on his Facebook wall this observation made by Karen Armstrong:

“Our theology should be like ‪#‎poetry‬…. A poet spends a great deal of time listening to his unconscious, and slowly calling up a poem word by word, phrase by phrase, until something beautiful is brought forth into the world that changes people’s perceptions….”

And after reading that I was reminded of a conversation I listened to a few years back that just strikes me as being good and beautiful poetic theology. I will post a link to it in the comment section.

The Poetry Of Creatures


Monday, February 09, 2015


I become more and more aware daily of how foolish we are in the presence of the source of all things, often referred to as God. So many things are attached to God, and said about God, and hung around God's neck by people who think they know. Much of it just feels really messed up. I love the encouragement and advice that came from the lips of St Francis having to do with this reality.......the way we live and act towards others is our greatest witness. Not what we speak.

Being humbled to where we speak less about God to where the mystery and otherness are allowed to build around it again, and instead to just learn how to be wastefully generous towards others as creation seems to indicate the creator is towards all of us and all created things......just seems to be a more respectful and proper way for us humans to live before it all.

Saturday, February 07, 2015


It might just be the best way for the human to take my place once again among the chorus of created things. The best way for the fractured and caged mind to heal. The best way to assist the soul in coming back on line to where it begins to inform me instead of all the ridiculous voices around me, of which there is no shortage.

For myself, I already know those are true observations. And I believe truer ones are still to come. And I know, no shift or pursuit in my life has ever helped me more to come back into this reality.....I was meant to be free in this journey through this life....and the familiar maps that were handed to me in the first part of my life, by some well intentioned and some not so well intentioned people and systems of the interpreted world, may have assisted me in some way.....but they could not get me to where I am today. To get here, I had to make the decision to leave them behind.


Friday, February 06, 2015


Creation/the natural world saved me by healing my vision and how I sense, taste, and feel all of life. All of the experience before had been coarsened and distorted by the chaos and confusion and conflict of the arrogant and illusion ridden interpreted world that acts as if it sees.....when it does not.

I have to live within that interpreted world. But I don't have to allow it to interpret for me and form me anymore.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Fear. It controls everything you do and will continue to....until you begin to untangle its tentacles from around your mind. The fear-filled mind is the biggest obstacle. Do you even know all the ways it is at work in you....directing your steps...your decisions.

And it is not just the typical manifestations of fear people are familiar with that control us and keep us shut down and cut of from life and freedom.

For myself, it wasn't the easily identified ones. Mine was a very popular and deeply loved activity that most would never identify as a manifestation of fear. And it might be the most dangerous and enslaving one of them all, Responsibility. Yeah, responsibility. Specifically with regard to realm of necessity stuff. Money being the biggest culprit, and the myth of financial security. This one leads to many activities of living out of sync with ourselves, others, and causes us to lose touch with the beautiful song of creation. It causes a deep amnesia to settle in over us which leads us to forget our place in it.

It was a very turbulent season when this control was exposed as being in the way of my freedom and the life of "lived out love" in the world.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I'll never forget the 3 hour span of time yesterday morning spent along the Mississippi River in this fog. In many ways, today I have seen how this is so symbolic of life. Fear here, will render you helpless and leave you lost. Certainty with regard to the maps you have grown accustomed to following will not help you here either. A different kind of knowing is necessary. A different kind of trust as well. And there are no guarantees as far as outcomes are concerned.

One's ability to accept and embrace these realities makes all the difference in the world with regard to how one travels through this one short unpredictable unrepeatable life.

Now there does exist another way to live. Many seem to accept it as being safer and wiser and easier to see what is what. And it might leave you feeling more in control as well. But it is really not safer, wiser, or more controllable. You just become convinced that it is. And if it all begins to fall apart it will leave you freaking out.

The Unknown and adventure and discovery awaits and is inviting us into something more beautiful and gracious and loving and compassionate. Something more beautifully human. Our imagination longs to be cut loose and set free. These familiar frames are too small for us. The inferior answers just won't do anymore. Everything deserves to be questioned. And our identity is not the same as our biography. We all are more interesting and more complex and more exciting than the domestication has left us believing. 

This short video from David Whyte is brilliant and helpful.