Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yea right. But I am not fooled anymore thinking my choice to not willingly just send politicians who actually say up front that their plan is for bigger government makes a difference either. IT IS WHAT IT IS. The government's power expands under them all and there is always people suffering under the oppression it creates.

"For while the state is a power to be organized, and an organizing power, if the Church sets itself on the same plane it ceases to be authentically the Church.Now as the Lord never leaves his Church even when it is guilty of betrayal, he steadily dismantles the organisms which are carefully set up in the politico-juridical, sociological, or administrative sphere. This means that a system of Church and state can never succeed. The relation has thus to be thought of dynamically as the encounter between an organized, institutional, and organizing power with a power of a very different order which has no pretensions to the exercise of political power or division of human powers but which unceasingly represents another thing or rather another person----one that is fundamentally other and that belongs to a different sphere." Jacques Ellul

"No matter what may be its form or level, it inevitably tends to enhance itself and to initiate a movement towards centralization. No political power will ever reduce itself or accomplish decentralization. There is a law that power will grow without limit. The only recognized limit is fact. Power will always go as far as it possibly can geographically or judicially. It ceases to expand only when it comes up against an obstacle that is more powerful than itself. Power is under the necessity of becoming absolute and totalitarian. This depends neither on the men who wield it nor on the ideology nor on the circumstances. Political power would not be power if this were not so." Jacques Ellul

"The problem is to know in what direction things are moving: the Political or the Technological? The answer seems clear to me. And my entire analysis flows from this perspective: it is not that political problems are disappearing, but rather that the free play of traditional political forms is an illusion." Jacques Ellul

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