Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My 18 year old daughter wanted our family to watch the documentary tonight called Invisible Children. There is an exciting hunger in this younger generation to see change in this world...a desire for justice (honorable relations) to spread across all tribes and nations. Let's encourage them and let's get in behind them and be a part of it also.

Here is a clip from the documentary.
and another


Todd said...


I especially enjoyed the first much enthusiasm....I too have seen this hunger within a lot of different folks to want to make a difference to give a rip about issues like justice, peace making, and living more compassionately....

thanks for sharing this...and I'm glad your daughter is fired up about this stuff as well...very cool.


Zion said...


I would love to see this movie. Did you see it at theatres or from a dvd? The clip you provided was very moving. :)

I hoping for a swift end to the misery of their suffering.

Kent said...

Zion, my daughter ordered it. The one we watched last night was Displace Me. Five of the young adults that began this mission went into one of the camps that have been created for the displaced went and stayed with them in the camp for awhile. I loved how they made it so relational.

The first one my daughter watched at school and then shared with us focused both on the children that have been displaced and the children that have been recruited to fight in the war. It's all so unbelievable....and then at the same time it is not. Humanity is stuck in a cycle of violence and hate perpetuated by a hunger for power, because fear remains the defining story.

And all the while, there is a way out of that cycle.

Zion said...

A peace agreement signed between the government and the LRA over this past weekend.