Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It seems to me this turns out to be a providential act of the Creator. The end of religion that is. From the moment humanity set out on this adventure of attempting to do it on our own, humans have been running in fear of gods that were good to them when they were good and bad to them when they were not. In turn people are left with attempting to please the gods or to outright reject them.

I'm done running because there is nothing to fear and my desire is to learn to rest in the relationship I belong in.


Jennifer said...

I love what you said here and especially that last sentence.

One think I've been thinking about is how Jesus is viewed in the early Church writings and how if Jesus is the representation of God to us and Jesus said "love your enemies" and then He makes me wonder how they came up with the idea that hell meant a literal eternal torment reserved for the enemies of God.

Kent said...

The old god images are difficult to shake.

Father Son and Spirit, as Jesus, the exact representation of the father descibes to us, leaves no room for anything other than a loving relationship. If it's the other way, the prodigal son story is a lie, not to mention many other stories of a father who seems to be saying he would rather die in our place to set us free.

Fear is at the beginning.....but love casting out fear is how the story progresses. It just makes sense that this is the progressive nature of it all. Every attempt to make the fear and love thing work together leaves us with a schizophernic god. Crawling up into that lap and calling out to abba looks like too many abusive relationships we see with earthly fathers and their sons and daughters.

That image of god looks too much like the twisted relationships that end up sending earthly creatures to prison when they are found out to be treating their children that way.

Call me crazy, but that is what I am seeing today.

Jennifer said...

It would take a lot for me to call you crazy!

When you said the "fear and love thing", are you speaking of the idea that is taught that we should fear God and love Him at the same time?

You know, it's interesting that a few years ago I prayed to understand what the "fear of the Lord" was/is because I kept being told that we need to know what it means to fear the Lord. Well...the relationship I had with God was not at all based on fear so I figured I was getting something wrong.

The focus I began to have on fear, and my lack of it, actually created fears I never had. I also began attending a church which had a very authoritative pastor and I thought that was the best place for me to be in order to learn to put myself under the authority of church leaders. The pastor even stood up one Sunday and told us that when our pastor speaks we should listen.

I began to feel just nuts so I decided to leave. After I left several other people left too and I found out later it was for the same reason.

I'm not going to that mental place anymore. God had never given me a reason to fear. He has allowed me to experience the weight of bad decisions, but He was in it with me, holding my hand and reminding me it would turn out for the best in the end. He never expressed anything but "come".