Monday, February 25, 2008


Thanks to my dear brother/friend Rick, I have something I want to share here. I love the mysterious ways of the Spirit. Yes, I mean the wind. We don't know from where it comes or where it is going, but I am grateful for the close proximity and tangible presence I am learning to recognise better and better with each and every passing moment.

Rick linked to these teachings over on my dear brother/friend Rob's blog and they so fit into especially the last few posts I have made here and much of what the Spirit has been opening my eyes to over the past few years. This is so confirming and I am convinced that it is what will open the doors of freedom into life with Father, Son, and Spirit free from fear. As you will hear, the god image stands in the way.

I followed Rick's instruction and skipped the first download and began with the second one. I'm not even completely through them all but felt that I wanted to link to them here for whomever desires to listen.

Perichoresis 101


Rick Gibson said...

Hi Kent,
What you mentioned is exactly why I felt impressed to share it with Rob. I believe that along with our western culture, we have recieved a Zeus type construct (idol) instead of the Father, Son and Spirit. I think it quite ok, and necissary for us all to quit believing in that G-O-D as Baxter put it.

There are so many things worth thinking about and discussing in these few podcasts.


Kent said...

Rick, I am just about through them all and again I thank you for linking to them. Just within the blog community that we are a part of, I get the sense that many of our friends are going to find this very valuable.


Sue said...

Ooh, thanks for the link. I haven't been listening to any audio at all over the last several months (except for TGJ) but have come across a lot recently. My "audio" folder is burgeoning, and has just had another link added to the list :) Thanks.