Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My friend Dan and I went through the library while we were out in California back in January. Jokingly, hehe, Dan told Wayne once we returned to Wayne's home that I was a terrible person to go to a Presidential Library with.

I can't imagine what he could be talking about? Hmmmm

This is the quote from Jacques Ellul:

"The more a society magnifies human greatness, the more one will see men alienated, enslaved, imprisoned, and tortured in it."

This is what Dan is referring to in his first comment


dan dickinson said...


You forgot to mention that ashtray on the Reagan Air Force One that you wanted to steal. I was certain the next thing I would be picking out of my teeth would be carpet fibers as some secret service monkey was crawling all over my back. Kent said he wanted to replay the scene from The Jerk when Steve Martin's character says, "All I need is this ashtray..." - with his pants around his ankles. I just knew Kent was going to get us put into a padded cell. Yeah - Kent's a blast to go to presidential libraries with. :)


Kent said...

The ashtray thing had slipped from my memory. I was still trying to recover from stumbling into the hallway with all of Nancy's dresses.

I think I did ask several times what you thought the secret service would do to us if I did this.

Now that I think about it, it was fun. In a sick sorta way.

Sue said...

That would have been kinda appropriate if the Secret Service had gunned you down in the Presidential Library for stealing dresses. How cool!

Sue said...

PS: I just sent you an email in response to your email to me - did you get it?

Kent said...

I didn't even mention anything like that about the dresses. I think what I said about the hallway of dresses was "Get me out of here or shoot me to put me out of my misery."

Ellul's quote just seemed very appropriate while walking through this monument of worship to one of our many kings. I'm sure I would feel that way in any presidental library.