Monday, February 25, 2008


Remember how we chased it like shadows
Life was the ocean; we wanted to swim
Looking back now, it’s just how the path goes
They tell you it’s over; you never begin

We don’t give ourselves time - the way that we used to
To watch it all happen, unfolding in sighs
You’d think we were blind, the things we can see through
The things we look past when emboldened inside

But it’s alright now, it’s alright
The ghosts of our glories are gray-bearded guides
The sound of our sorrows has stirred us inside
(But) I think maybe I’ve never felt more alive
I thought of these lines from the song It's Alright by Ellery tonight when I was looking back over the past few years since I began writing here on this blog. I've met some wonderful people... many of you I met over on The God Journey and others have been friends of others that have over time just began to share your journeys here and on some of the other blogs I check in on. I am amazed at how we have all changed and grown so much over these few years. We've all got to watch some wonderful things unfold in each others lives.
I'm guessing, but I am pretty confident that all of you have never felt more alive? Most times the growth, the unfolding, has been birthed through much disorientation and pain, but like myself I'm sure all of you would say you wouldn't trade it for anything. It's all been worth it and I am certain these changes aren't close to being over yet. SO WE WALK ON.
The song ends with this:
I don’t know how to make peace or find it
We’re most of us stories we’re scared to explain
But what if there’s sound, somewhere caught behind this
A song we can sing while we’re lying awake
I would venture to guess that we are learning how to find peace and some of it has been through having the courage to tell our stories that for too long we kept inside...afraid of what others might think. I hate what fear does to us and it is so refreshing hearing about how you all are walking out of the prisons that had been created by that fear. I have been so blessed that I have been able to listen in as these songs, your songs, that have been hidden inside have begun to be sang openly as you all express the wonderful freedom that has been opening up for you all. I look forward to the new songs that have yet to have been heard. I'm hearing and experiencing some beautiful harmony.


Jennifer said...

I love it when you are able to blog frequently. :)

Sue said...

Oh, I'm tired of singing this song I'm singing :)

But grace makes beauty out of ugly things, as we've already said.

Yes, there are amazing things afoot in the Body, even though I've just finished whingeing about it on my blog :) But there's the paradox, and holding conflicting viewpoints at any one time is one of the things I am enjoying about this new walk.

No, I've never felt so alive as I do now :)

Kent said...

Thanks Jennifer.

Sue, there is something so valuable about learning to hold the tentions together. The first one that comes to my mind is when we see the stark contrast between the beautiful and the ugly it has a way of putting things in better perspective which is always a helpful thing.

And then when we begin to recognise that the ugly can be transformed and what is most important is that transformation really does have to do with us, what a powerful revelation that can be. We begin to see our freedom really isn't tied to what is going on "out there". It's not about getting all of that stuff and all of those peolpe to get it together...this is about us learning to be at rest in Father.

It's funny as that happens we then begin to see the real tangible difference brought about through trust/rest as oppossed to how all the fighting with other things never produced anything beautiful.