Friday, February 15, 2008


Is the concept of an angry God that is ready to wack people when they get it wrong harder and more costly than a God that demands we humans give up any rights we might feel we have to wack others we think are wrong or evil?

I think people hang onto the angry mean God that they contend shows us he loves us by being rough, tough and threatening because those same people want to hang onto being rough, tough and threatening to those they disagree with and are afraid of.


Jesus creates some big problems for those that want to continue to walk that way with others.

Think about it, the loving God, revealed through Jesus, is far more costly to us than the angry one is.


rob horton said...

thanks for putting this out there kent. i am tuned in.

Sue said...

I am a living, walking journeyer of this post :)

It is a damn hard lesson to learn. I threw out the first concept several years ago. I'm now in the process of throwing out the second. It is one of the most painful things I have ever been through :)

Ron said...

Wow, Kent! Talk about pithy comments! You've nailed one here. I agree with Sue as to how hard it is to learn this; unlike her, I"m dealing with them both simultaneously even now!


Sue said...

Well, Bones, my heart goes out to you :) Be extra nice to yourself now, ya hear? :)

Kent said...

several months ago I wrote this on The Shack Forum responding to something Bones asks me.

"I stood undone and exposed....with no defense....and at the same time was so acutely aware I didn't need one."

The thing that was so different in my recent transforming encounter with God was having become so aware that he was here, standing in front of me, and he had not one once of condemnation or scolding in himself towards me.

There was no mean angry God who was disgusted with me for the condition I was in at the time. There was a father and a brother that loved me and understood the traps I had wandered into and all of this had always been about them leading me to freedom out of those traps that had been created by sin, fear and shame.

The new found rest from all the striving is such a sweet space he has created for his daughters and sons because he loves us. In this place, change and renewal just happen. Trying to live and please religion's angry God never accomplishes this.

Jennifer said... aware that he was here, standing in front of me, and he had not one once of condemnation or scolding in himself towards me.

Yes! This changes everything.

Ron said...

Having lived for so long in bondage to a false image of an angry, disappointed God, I still find myself in a state of mild disbelief mixed with ever-growing delight in the revelation that He is actually delighted in me as His child, fondly affectionate toward me, and enjoying me in His presence.

I remember during my early months as a believer struggling with wanting to know how to love God, as if He was demanding that I prove my love for Him somehow through my obedience and devotion. I had no clue that if I would only accept His revelation of His love, my very being would itself well up in an overwhelming love in response. Twenty-five years would pass before with this being my primary perception of God, and with me striving yet feeling condemned for my failings.

It was only as he began to heal me from wounds and deep-seated beliefs about needing to perform to please Him, connected with my desire to please my earthly dad, that the revelation of His love and affection finally came to me. Wayne J's "Transitions" series and video on "The Father's Affection", followed up by "The Shack", have been instrumental in the transformation that is taking place in me. In truth, there are other keys over the last 5 or 6 years as well, but this past year has been incredible! Such freedom!

And I especially enjoy being able to share it with others of you, while also learning from and being challenged by you as well. There is slowly developing a community of others here in our city who are also growing in this freedom, but it is a slow process, and connecting with others around the world with whom to dialogue keeps me encouraged along the way!



Kent said...

I don't know about all of you, but this picture so challenges me on one hand and breaks my heart on the other.

Kent said...

Bones, it is such a joy for me to get to know others like you even if it is in a limited way (internet connections) and connecting with each other as we grow and come to rest in our father's love for us.

What a wonderful life we have been invited into with him and that apart from him is just an impossible dream. It really does leave us with nothing to boast about. All I am left with is gracious appreciation.