Friday, March 07, 2008


Here is a link where you can watch an interview with Paul Young on the 700 club that was aired today March 7th. You can watch it here

I put this interview up just in case my friend Linda pops in here. She seemed to be left with many concerns about Paul and the message of the book after she read it. Hearing him explain some of the process of this book being written will at least introduce her to him in a little more personal way.


Sue said...

Ewww ... do I have to?


You know, I've been thinking lately about judging and criticising those in the Body who I find rather unpalatable. And thinking about how the tongue (or the fingers, in this case) is so difficult to harness, and about how one day I hope to be wise enough to not say ewww about shows I find yukky, and just go and watch them and keep my opinions to myself.

Maybe tomorrow :)

Kent said...

Sue, the link takes you directly to the interview. You don't have to sit through a whole broadcast of The 700 Club if you would rather not.

zinger said...

Hi Kent, I just wanted to thank you for posting the interview with Paul. It was a real treat to interact with Paul, when he was in our home last fall. One thing he mentioned that impacted me so profoundly, was similar to what he said in the interview. It was that father was so much better than his book could ever describe. And I was having trouble believing he could be as good as described by the Shack. On as side note I'd love to interact with you, but don't have anyway to contact with you. Maybe you could pick up my email from Wayne he was here in our home last fall too. Love what I see father doing in you bro...

Cheers Jon