Friday, March 28, 2008


Does anyone really know what God is specifically doing at any given moment in any situation whether it be in a person's personal life or in the larger world? That is.....beyond the work of redemption?

I think everything I know at this point in my life screams a resounding....NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

But the cool thing is, I'm coming to a place of trust in Him that I can say that I am okay with that. I think I will leave being God to Him.

Is this a fitting video?


I think so.


Sue said...

When Bon Jovi played here a few months ago a friend and I went and sat outside, in the dark-but-lit Fitzroy Gardens with tons of other people, and yea it was atmospheric and then they did Hallelujah as one of their encores. One of my favourite songs ever ever ever.

But their version wasn't as good as this. This rocks. But I still think the best version, even better than Leonard Cohen's, is Jeff Buckley's.

But this post wasn't about user reviews of the song Hallelujah, was it?

I lay in bed last night feeling frustrated and out of control and had a bit of a cry and a pity party and just felt like I wanted to KNOW what was gonna happen in my future. And while I was in the middle of that place I felt like I could just die right there on the spot if I didn't know what was gonna happen next in my life.

But then this morning I've woken up and thought, "Well, where's the fun in that?" That earlier need to control certain situations in my life is just a reflection of how out of control I am in controlling my own destiny. It's also a reflection that I need to do more centreing prayer and be more creative.

Anyway, sorry for blathering on on ur blog comments :)

Kent said...

Sue, I never think...Oh there she goes again...blather blather blather.

I would have a difficult time placing Buckley's above OTR's but hey that might just mean I am partial to Karin and Linford. But Buckley's was the first version I ever heard and man what a version coming from such a troubled soul. I love it.

And as far as my posts go, if a conversations about anything arises from them it's all good. I love the dialogue.

Stu said...

Nobody's beats Cohen's folks. Sorry but somebody has got to speak the truth in love here. :)

Nice though, I enjoyed that Kent.

Kent said...

His is certainly good also. No doubt.

Sue said...

Hehe Stu :)

Stu said...

I'm patrolling the blogs for balsphemy Sue.

Thanks for introducing me to othr Kent, I think I will check them out further.

Sue said...

Yes, you're a regular medieval Catholic musical nazi, aren't you, out searching for heretics :)

Hehe. Me too

Kent said...

now it all is coming into veiw. I see how this works. Music nazis. I put up a video of my favorite band and my favorite version of Hallelujah and you two feel free to dis me...on my blog?

Well go figure....

Sue said...

I didn't done no dissing you, Burgess. I just did done say that this version is my second favourite version.

There's not too much room to be too much of a musical Nazi here. I like your taste in music hehe :)

It's Stu you've gotta watch out for. He sends people to hell if they don't like his stuff :)

Kent said...

Stu, did you see how quickly she threw you under the bus? Man, it's gettin rough around here. :)

Sue said...


It's the Christian way, Kent.

Kent said...

you got that right