Sunday, March 02, 2008


It was in the upper 70s today. I washed my truck and was drenched in sweat. Now we have had a winter weather watch issued for our area tomorrow and Tuesday. Sleet, freezing rain, changing over to snow. A possible 6 + inces by storms end.

It will more than likely be this way now until at least the first of April or so. Back and forth. It always makes for a pretty sight though. I'm really okay with winter here in the midwest, it is our hot humid summers I could do without. But Spring and Fall are so wonderfully delightful except for the ever looming threat of tornadoes that happens around here as the tension between Winter and
Spring heat up.


Jennifer said...

Did you happen to listen to Prairie Home Companion yesterday...Sunday?
It was really a funny monologue about the freeze/thaw that the midwest experiences and the havoc it wreaks.

Is it that bad in MO? When we lived in KS, we liked the storms, but we lived in Manhattan up on a hill so tornadoes very rarely got to our area. We liked the lightning storms and flash floods...because we were on a hill.

Kent said...

Jennifer, it can be pretty bad here in MO. We are right in the zone where warm fronts and cold fronts meet up regularly and have a fight. March is the worst of the freeze/thaw months. March through May is the height of strong severe stroms which can produce tornadoes.

They are saying we could have strong thunderstorms tonight. I love thunderstorms but tornadoes are a nightmare.

Todd said...

That picture of the tornado and the lightning is ominous......

In AZ we just have insanely long/warm summers....from July to October....ha ha!


Kent said...

Isn't that picture of the tornado and lightning unbelievable? I have been facinated with tornadoes my entire life. I still can't wrap my brain around how natural events like this form. I know all the science as to what causes it but it is still difficult to comprehend why and how it happens.

I don't want any longer of a hot season than we already have here. Ours is normally from July to September.

Jennifer said...

Are you around the Chandler area? I have some family there..Ray and Anne Burbank. Just thought I'd throw that out in case there's a connection. :)

Sue said...

Wow. What's the barometric pressure like with your crazy March weather? Does it go up and down as well? I'd be on the couch every second day ... or at least, in my old incarnation.

But if I had that tree to look at it would be not so bad :)

Kent said...

The barometric pressure can shift quite a bit here anytime of the year. We have some pretty potent storms around here.

And to just clarify. That photo is not mine. I do have a few big oak trees like that around here though.