Sunday, March 02, 2008


Okay, I have mentioned my girls here before, that's not new. I have posted information about my oldest daughter's acceptance into Dance School for the fall.

Here is a little from my 14 yr. old. As you will see, she has a passion for music. She began to teach herself guitar back in August last year. She's taking lessons now. The recordings are rough having been done by other 12-14 yr. olds on a cheap digital camera. I still find it fun to watch and listen to. It's fun as a parent watching them and their friends enjoy their teenage years.


Nicole's Godblog said...

Kent beautiful daughters! Do they look like you? I actually have never seen a pic of you! You are one blessed man and they a very blessed girls to have a dad like you!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Kent said...

Nicole, my wife/their mom used to say it wasn't fair how often people would carry on about how much they all looked like their daddy when they were younger. They really do have a little of both of us.

Zion said...

Gorgeous and talented.. with beautiful souls :)

You're very blessed, Kent. But I must add that you and your wife have obviously given them a loving environment from which they have been well nurtured.

I look forward to seeing how her music career progresses. I think she has alot of promise.

Kent said...

Thank you Zion. The loving caring environment continues to grow and it is all due to the work of the Spirit and it is all grace.

Over the past two years with all the changes that have happened in myself and my wife (it almost killed us though) we have grown somewhat familiar with sideway glances and others not agreeing with us and how we are seeing grace being a far greater transforming power than forced conformity based in any use of fear ever will be. We really do understand though. Grace is what it is and most of us don't understand it.

From the time I read The Shack during the height of the changes we were walking into, this quote has been hanging on our fridg.

"Grace rarely makes sense to those looking in from the outside."

Grace is teaching us to allow these girls to make their own choices. We get to love them in it all.

Zion said...


I have to admit that the full impact of how difficult this process has been for you and many others like you has only just hit me now!

As I was not in the IC for long, my associations with it, both social and spiritual were not anywhere near as deeply invested as yours would of been.. and I found the de-toxification quite hard myself.

Many blessings to you.. always :)

Kent said...

Zion, what was stunning to me was the fact that it had been close to 20 years earlier that we had stopped attending a Sunday morning gathering or any sort of regular meetings and all these years later there was a lot of performance and expectations thinking, still in me that had been shaped by religion. As difficult as it was to walk away from the institutional model all those years ago that wasn't anything compared to facing the warped thinking that still remained.

Turns out that it took adolescent children to expose all the law that still lurked within in myself and my wife. I love these girls even more for the role they played in it all...even though they were oblivious to it. They were just being kids living openly in all it's messiness.

Sue said...

How lovely to be a teenager growing up in a house where that quote is on display on the fridge :)

I think that's my favourite quote out of that whole entire book ... or at least the one that has informed my life the most strongly ... then again, if I think too hard about that I'll change my mind hehe

Ellie's sounding pretty comfortable on that guitar :)

Kent said...

Sue, I would be hard pressed to pick my favorite quote from The Shack but the one I mentioned was the first one that grabbed me as being so profound and true. And I agree with you, I think my teenage girls are wonderfully blessed to be growing up in this changed atmosphere. But I have no desire to boast about it being because of anything I did. The change is due and only due to the fact that in that very moment I became so aware of the reality of Father extending his grace to me in my screwed up mess. The parable of the prodigal son has never been more real and true to me than it is today. At that moment of great change happening in my life, a big chunk of the older brother of the story was still hiding inside me.

And by the way, Ellie has already been invited to participate in an open-mic night down in The Loop ( a hip young hangout area here in St. Louis).