Saturday, March 15, 2008


My daughter asked me today if I knew who the artist is that was singing the song she was listening to. It was Sinead O'Connor. Turns out that this was the second time she had popped up in conversation in as many days. I had just had a discussion with a client the day before when her name came to mind. My client is Catholic and had brought up the controlling manipulation a growing number of Catholics she knows are feeling coming from the hierarchy of their religious system. She brought up the sexual abuse scandal that for years this same hierarchy chose to ignore. It reminded me of Sinead's Saturday Night Live performance that ended up trashing her career. Did the religious system destroy her in an attempt to hide their secret? From what I have always understood, on that very night she was protesting the ongoing refusals of the Catholic Church in her country to face this nightmare of child abuse that was going on and more than likely other problems that arise from systems that attempt to control others through the use of power and fear.

You can watch it here.

***Here is something from Sinead today. This is beautiful***


Sue said...

I have been planning on buying her Theology album released last year, ever since I saw this on Stu's blog:

Rich said...


What a blessing you R Bro.
Thanks for this I loved it.

Here is a link you might enjoy if you haven't already seen it.


Stu said...

You can see the anger in her. Sometimes anger is the only reponse. It doesn't always lead to the most advisable actions - like the treatment she gave the pope's picture. But we are humans not robots.

On the other hand somebody who is all anger is very negative to be around. But as the video in the link that sue shared shows Sinead is far from being all-anger. That whole album brings tears to my eyes regularly.

Sue said...

I imagine she has purged a lot of her anger that was so evident back in 1992. And still, like you said, perhaps anger sometimes is the only proper response.

We are so quick to write it off as a purely negative thing, but maybe that's just 'cause it's such a hard emotion to wield properly without it doing damage (don't I know about that *sigh*)

Thanks boys for this foray into Sinead land this morning. It's been most edifying indeed :)

Stu said...

Yes I agree a lot of that was part of her own growing process. But I remember well the climate here at the time, there was a sizeable portion of the population that wanted to keep a lid on the whole thing. They certainly didn't approveof what happend but they didn't want it exposed either. Sinead on the other hand gave voice to the anger and betrayl that the rest of the country felt.

Kent said...

I always like Sinead's music and her talent. I have throughout the the years since that SNL appearance ( by the way I set in stunned silence that night while watching it all happen) kept my ears open for random news on what she has been up to and from the things I have heard it has been an interesting path. Troubled souls that are striving to be honest and to find peace are often very explosive and full of contridictions.

That pretty much describes us all though now doesn't it?

Kent said...

Thanks for the link Rich

Sue said...

"Troubled souls that are striving to be honest and to find peace are often very explosive and full of contridictions. That pretty much describes us all though now doesn't it?"



And no.


Kent said...

I love that response Sue.

Jennifer said...

If I could choose a voice to sing with...beautiful.