Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm just back home from having dropped my friend Paul Young off at the airport for his trip back home to his family. What a wonderful time myself and my family have had the past few days having him hang with us and with some of my friends. On Monday two other friends, Dan and John from Kansas City came and joined us, and the conversations whether around the dinner table sharing a meal or in the living room sharing the things we are all learning about this wonderful Father we all share, the time was so rich. Having Paul meld into my family and immediately feel so much like he belonged here was another one of those experiences that demonstrated the deep connection we all have with each other. I was so blessed sitting back watching him interact with my three daughters and how they were so drawn to him. He so quickly picked up on the uniqueness of each one of them and their characters and built them up with such love and care. I could see all three of them beaming with such confidence and encouragement from the moment he began to interact with them.

Last night another couple (long time friends of ours) opened their home up for us and a group of our friends. 6 hours passed so quickly and yet at the same time was filled with such deep sharing of relationship and conversation about the character of God and our misconceptions about him and our identity and misconceptions about that as well. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by these friends and to be living so aware of the presence of Father, Son and Spirit being a part of this circle. Whether it is just me, or my family, or in the company of friends, they are here. They don't have to be invited and it has come to sound so odd for me when I hear people ask for them to "come and join us". The reality is...they never leave us.

Paul shared something with me that just so expresses what I felt these last few days as I sat among friends and what has over the past couple years continued to grow as a reality in my life and I sense is growing in many other people I know. I can't remember who he said he heard this from but it is so beautiful and full of the life we all have been invited into. Unity and Diversity in the Community of The Trinity. There is no better way of describing what this is all about. And I couldn't have been more full of joy and peace than I was over the past few days resting within the family (community) that is being joined together through Father, Son and Spirit. It really is a beautiful wondrous thing.


Rick Gibson said...

That's awesome kent! Did you guys sing 'let it snow'?

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you are blessed in this way; what an unusual opportunity to be a part of something so alive and healthy.

They don't have to be invited and it has come to sound so odd for me when I hear people ask for them to "come and join us". The reality is...they never leave us.

Yes, this is something I find odd. It's also odd that a pastor would say, "thanks for coming this morning, we're glad you did" to the general congregation...not just visitors. Who's "we"?
What do you think it is that keeps people from recognizing this reality of God's all in all?

Kent said...

"What do you think it is that keeps people from recognizing this reality of God's all in all?"

Jennifer, I think there are a lot of lies that stand in the way. Honesty about how the game is not working is such an important place for us to come to. Once we can face that, the lies begin to be seen for what they really are. When we begin to see them in the light and begin to follow Jesus out of them and our minds then begin to be renewed as to WHO WE ARE IN HIM since THEY HAVE COME TO DWELL WITHIN US, I just think it all begins to emerge from within us.

William said...

I had a GREAT TIME. Kent is blessed living in such an alive household with Julie and his girls - they are each so wonderfully special. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to me. The quote is from Ravi Zacharias. Hugs all around!!

Todd said...

Ahhh sounds like an excellent glad everybody seemed to have a great time in Father...

maybe this captures what was originally meant with saying, "I believe in the communion of saints?"

talk soon friend look forward to it,


Sue said...

Awesome, Kent, dude!! I love your description too of Father knitting it all together. Reminds me of Wayne talking about the get-together in Ireland, and how that too felt like Papa was knitting his Body together, even if it wasn't for every Sunday morning until they all die ;)

Thanks for sharing. I loved hte description of Paul building up your daughters.

Kent said...

Thanks Paul, I thought it was Ravi but I wasn't sure.

Todd and Sue, it was a lot of fun. And as for interaction with other people, be it children or adults, it really is about being as present as possible and available for them and at the place where they are. It is interacting with them in a way that they know you are there and you really do care. That is how I saw Paul interact with everyone we were with.

Aida said...

Kent, it sounds like you all had a wonderful time just sharing life and Father's love. Times like that really do expose the artificial nature of the meetings that we normally call fellowship. It really isn't fellowship unless there's a joining of hearts and it sounds like that's what took place in your home.

Thanks for sharing.


Kent said...

Aida, I have heard from four of the friends today that were there last night and they all have expressed the same thing. Everyone was so glad to have been there.

Grateful Girl said...

Kent, I am sorry we couldn't make it! But I bet you wouldn't have wanted what we had! A wicked 24 hour stomach flu... yuck...

But I am grateful that you and the others there had opportunity to meet together and share God's love with one another.. That's beautiful.

I'll talk with you when I get back..

Much love..

Kent said...

Trish, I will be praying for you during your trip this week.

I woke up this morning thinking about how easy it is to miss the ever present reality of the Spirit being with us. Most people seem to be just down right freaked out about following the Spirit. So most are left in an daily existance constantly looking "out there" for someone or some new thing to make it real so as to fill the emptiness or to fix the mess.

I have such a great appreciation and love for some of the people that have helped me along the way and with some of those people I have had the privilege of developing an going relationships with them. There is a fellowship of communion with them as Todd referred to above. But what stands out to me about these specific relationships, the most influential ones in my life, is the way these relationships have played out has not created a dynamic of any sort of dependence on anyone other than the Spirit. Scripture says that the sons/daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God.

It seems to me that so many people who gravitate to other people to lead them end up being so quick to judge anyone that disagrees with the person that they are looking to for leadership. This then continues to create an environment that stirs discord among the people who in reality have much common ground to come together on.

Following the Spirit brings liberty, and liberty brings harmony...when following men brings discord. Humans who lead and draw attention to themselves tend to get stuck in a cycle of defending itellectual turf which breeds people that get caught in the same cycle. This will never produce the life of Jesus in anyone and set them free.

I love it that the Spirit is more committed to revealing SOME-ONE than set in a posture of defending SOME-THING.

Todd said...


you're last comment lovely...may I use some or all of it?



Kent said...

Use anything you want Todd.