Monday, March 17, 2008


We are having a lovely rainy spring day here in St. Louis MO and I do love it. I love all the sounds. I love the smells. And I love what it brings with it. Beneath the surface of the ground many things are happening. Many things that will bring forth something beautiful. As sure as the sun rises and sets and in the stillness of the night the moon takes it's place, we are certain that these beautiful changes that are stirring will burst forth.

I'm feeling some thunder rolling in my life at present time. It's been with me my entire adult life and I wait patiently for the wider spaces of freedom that are still out there (or maybe more accurately still inside me) to be found. It's something I cannot escape as long as I live in this world but over the past few years I have been enjoying the fruits of some incremental changes that have happened in me with regards to this.

It's one of those things that affects and touches every area of every ones life. I think that when it comes to family life it is one of the most difficult things for people to come together on and unfortunately most settle for the usual power and control structures which in far too many situations ends up destroying relationships. What happened a couple years ago began to change the way I had always approached it in my life. It is through those changes that I feel freer today from the destructive patterns that had previously been a part of me.

Money is a part of our lives we cannot separate ourselves from but we can live free of it's power. I'm freer today personally than I have ever been in my life. "Things" have no seductive power over me anymore. Unfortuately though, the control that the economic systems holds over myself and my family is an issue. But I sense the days where it dictates to us what we must do have peaked and freedom in this area will continue to become more and more a reality as we walk on moment by moment. That became more possible once I began to see the lie of "financial security" for what it was.

All of this fits right into the middle of everything that has been going on in my life for the past few years. It is a part of the effects of power and control on our lives and how we live with others, I think especially with us who have been raised and shaped by the script of the western world. It is such a corrupting lie. Success just means something so totally different to me these days. Money is what it is and only what it is...a necessity. But it has nothing to do with the freedom for which Christ set us free. A good case could be made that it actually is something that stands in the way of that freedom. Not money in and of itself...but how we "see" it.


Todd said...

lovely photo to go with your post.....makes me wish I was "not" at work, but rather strumming my guitar ha ha!

e-mail me sometime soon with some suggestions regarding the "innocence mission" I checked them out through your site, but have no reference point. their most raw/simple recordings would probably suit me well....their brotherhood of man song on you tube is great.


Kent said...

Todd, The Innocence Mission is great music for a day like today or any day for that matter.

I would start with Befriended


and I agree, The Brotherhood of Man is a beautiful song.

Kent said...

Don't you just love the name of that CD I suggested? changed and continues to change the world.

Sue said...

Love that pic. It and the words were refreshing for me to read this morning, Kentster. It's been the hottest March on record here in Melbourne. I didn't sleep well last night. Had to abandon the bed and come sleep on the couch in the aircon, it was that hot. Suffice to say, I'm feeling rather weary this morning. I think I would like to lie on that table and drink the rain :)

And your words, too. It's so easy to lose sight of what God is doing, you know? Especially when we can't see it and we are tempted to disbelieve he's doing anything at all. Even though we can see it all around us, in so many things, that he never rests or stops his recreation.

Money - what a wonderful place of freedom for you to be growing into. I definitely agree that the way we see it stops us from seeing other things. I am inspired by St Francis in this way. Now there was a free dude :)

Todd said...

Befriended.....that's a really good album title indeed :)

Kent said...

Sue, it was 50 degrees here today and I was out in the rain doing some things that had to be done today. I just loved it. It is hard to find many people that get excited about an overcast raining day with a bite in the air but for me it is so refreshing.

Jennifer said...

I like that kind of rain because it stops in a day or two. ;)

I hope that thunder doesn't overshadow you and you are able to experience a wider space after the thunder does its work.

Kent said...

We will have to wait and see Jennifer. I have no idea what it will all turn out to look like. But I am not afraid.

Aida said...

Kent, I love that phrase "wider spaces of freedom that are in me." Just the thought of it gets me excited. The freedom that I'm experiencing today is wonderful but how thrilling it is to know that there is even more freedom on its way.

The rain does look good. We had some Saturday along with some tornadoes that touched down in various parts of the state. Lots of damage but no fatalities.

Sue, I hope you can get some rest tonight. Speaking of Francis of Assisi, did anyone see "Brother Sun, Sister Moon?" It's a really good movie about his life.


Sue said...

Aida - I keep seeing references to Brother Sun Sister Moon all over the place. I think it was Jennifer who first mentioned it to me. Definitely going to try to get hold of it.