Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It began snowing around 9am this morning and by 11:30 there was close to 5" on the ground. We have close to 8" now and it is 1:oo. It's suppose to snow until late afternoon and at this rate who knows how much will be on the ground.

I do love snow and I do love how it has a way of shutting things down for awhile. That is unless you are stuck in a car or in an airport....but I am not. I'm at home now, 4 hours earlier because my afternoon appointments cancelled. The drive home was exhilarating to say the least. I called my friend Dan to share the experience with him because I knew it would make him so thankful that he was in KC where it is sunny today.
I love conifers under any condition, but conifers in the snow have such a surreal feel about them. I would love to take a walk today through the Missouri Botanical Garden's Japanese Garden and snap some pictures of the majestic Japanese Black Pines that have been carefully trained into sculptures.
A day like today really does cause me to stand in awe...just like a cool spring or fall day under clear blue skies would. I love it.
Now snap out of it Kent and go shovel the driveway.


Sue said...

What's to snap out of? I hope your driveway shovelling was accident-free :)

Do you ski? Are there places near you to ski in?

Kent said...

the "snap out of it" comment was alluding to the fact that I needed to go the less desirable of the snow activities.

There are plenty of places to sled and there is one place to ski. The knee won't take the skiing anymore and when it comes to sleding...you have to walk UP the hill to do it again. I haven't figured out how to eliminate that part of it yet.

Sue said...

Ah, yeah, the walking up the hill part would kinda take the anticipation out of it.

Skiing - sigh. I loved it when I did it. What a buzz

Aida said...

Hi Sue.

Kent, I love the pictures of the snow in your yard. You've got a beautiful yard and it'll be nice when the flowers come up again. Joel, who you just met, is from Iowa and has also posted some pictures of snow on his blog. I commented on his blog about the cold we were having here in S. C. but he wasn't impressed when he found out cold here meant 60 degree and a lot of wind.

BTW, Wayne's going to be in S. C. this week-end so hubby and I will be heading to Greenville, about a three hour drive away, after lunch tomorrow to link up with him and some other TGJ folks. I'm looking forward to it.


Sue said...

Heya Aida! :D

Have fun in your get-together. I'd love to come along and meet you peeps!

Aida said...

Hi Sue,

I'm so looking forward to this and meeting the others. It should be a great week-end. So far, hubby says he's going along for the ride but won't be attending the meetings. I hope he changes his mind but we'll see. I"m learning to let Daddy deal with things and not try to force my agenda. Kent has helped me a lot with that.


Kent said...

Aida, it is so good to hear when others are learning to walk in a way that is none coersive with others.

I remember a conversation in The Jake book where John is explaining to Jake how expectation placed on others will always warp relationships. All you end up with is someone controlling and someone being/feeling controlled. That doesn't create a healthy dynamic. Allowing others their freedom to choose (as God does all of us) is a big part of loving others and unfortunately most live violating it all the time, totally unaware of it.

Joel Brueseke said...

Aida... It got up to 48ยบ the other day here in northern Iowa! We had "streams" running down our streets with all the melting snow. But just like with Kent, who was in the 70's on that same day, we also had a major snow storm the following day. The midwest can be a weird place to live. :) I heard that southern Iowa had some temps in the 70's on that day too. But now, yeah, we're back in the teens and 20's, at least till the weekend.

Kel said...


i have snowshoes
but i live in australia