Saturday, April 26, 2008


Spring so far has been just about as good as it gets. The above average rainfall and gradually rising temps have been so beneficial for the plant world...many people are complaining though. I simply tell them to look around and try to take it all in. Humans seem to tend to want to control everything and in the process miss the beauty that springs forth from the things that are bugging them. :)


Sue said...

Nice! Get up, have a cup of tea, do some centreing prayer, do some morning pages, go for a walk in your garden :)


Hooray for long-range vision. Mine peters out sometimes in the midst of the furnace, but I guess that's to be expected. Enjoy the springtime!

Kent said...

I'm pacing myself with the mulching. One truck load a day. So today I was spreading mulch and had the neighbor stop by to see how the girls were doing after my oldest drove the car through his fence earlier in the week (everyone is okay, but teenage drivers are an ongoing adventure) and another neighbor came by and bought maple and another neighbor yelled over to me to see if I was coming to her house next to do her mulching. And after all of that I poured myself a brown ale, took a walk in the garden with my camera in hand and snapped a few pictures.

Tomorrow if it doesn't rain I will do it again.

Sue said...

Oh, wonderful! Sounds like you have got to know your neighbours. What a difference that makes.

Ooops. Car driving - takes a while to master! :)

Kent said...

she asked me the day after what accident was more embarrassing, running up under the school bus or going through a fence. I said that was easy...buses run where cars are suppose to be, fences don't.

Sue said...

Oh, goodness me :) Were you the co-driver in both situations? Finding yourself suddenly wanting to drink 11 brown ales in your garden these days? ;)

Kent said...

no the school bus accident was last year on her way to school and she was alone. Last week her sisters were with her. There is just no way of teaching them everything they are going to face.