Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Okay Sue, you have admitted before about the male muscians that have caused you trouble at times. When I was a teenager it was Nancy Wilson of the band Heart.

Julie wants us to go see them along with Journey and Cheap Trick when they all play together here in St. Louis this summer. We might just have to do it.

Now this takes me back.....this version of CRAZY ON YOU just rocks.

Dog and Butterfly


Okay here is one of Julie's favs



Rick Gibson said...

This takes me back to my teens too! My first CD was Heart (this was when CD's were new). I had a major crush on them at the time.

Kent said...

me too too

They were a great live band back then

Sue said...

Ahhhh. Well say three hail Mary's and you'll be right, Jack.

Are you gonna go? What a great combo with Journey and Cheap Trick.

Is there any band that's been big in the past 30 years that hasn't reformed? There's not enough room for everyone :)

Kent said...

I think I'm okay now Sue. Thanks for the advice, hail Mary's usually aren't my go to thing:)

Someone told me a couple years ago that they were going to see Chicago. I informed them that I had seen Chicago (again)in 1980 during their Reunion Tour.

Out of those three bands I think Cheap Trick is the only band that has never disbanded. They are performing at an outdoor venue and it would be a lot of fun. I've seen Heart and Cheap Trick several times and Journey, my least favorite of those 3, once. Journey was one of Julie's favorite bands. It's a good thing she and I didn't know each other during our teens. With music alone when she was turning the volume up when a favorite of hers came on I was turning it off or switching stations and the same was true for her with my favorites.

It's that "polar opposites attract" thing.

Sue said...

What, so even "Open Arms" doesn't make you well up? :)

Kent said...

The answer to that Sue would be.....NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Here is my two favorite Journey songs. Perry doesn't even have the lead in it.

Infinity was their last recording I really even liked. Perry took over too much of the lead vocalist role. I wasn't ever that much a a fan of his. His solo stuff......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sue said...

They're pretty much roadkill, I agree. But I do love Open Arms and Oh Sherrie. Must be the girl thing :)

Sue said...

Hello. Here I am revisting over a year later. *Waves to self from a year ago* Hi Sue!!!

I saw Cheap Trick support Def Leppard recently. Did I mention that? Robyn Zander had the flu, so it was particularly unmemorable, poor guy.