Friday, April 11, 2008


We will have to wait and see if the night time temps on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will keep beautiful things like this Kousa Dogwood from gracing our landscapes here in St. Louis? Tomorrow afternoon I will be moving the Japanese Maples back into the garage until the cold has past. The Kousa I can not move. You gotta just laugh about it and accept the fact that climatic change is uncontrollable. If you want to garden you must realize that you have to play along with the whims of nature's game.


Sue said...

That a beautiful shrub. I had to click on it to enlarge it to see wheter that was snow or flowers :)

I went walking at Hanging Rock today, and then drove east home via Mount Macedon. Was driving down the main street doing grandma speeds so I could go "Ohhhhhhh!" at the autumnally-coloured maples and stuff up there. AMAZING!!!!

Kent said...

The pictre is not from my garden. Mine is about a 9' tree that is just beautiful.

Isn't it strange that you are seeing fall colors and we are seeing things of spring? I love both seasons.

Sue said...

The spring/fall thing feels nice. I am often reminded of it, and it feels like the earth is nicely balanced in these seasons :)