Saturday, April 12, 2008


I just finished listening to an interview with Wayne Jacobsen on The Drew Marshall Show. It will be posted on Drew's website at some point as an MP3 file. I would encourage everyone to check in there and give it a listen. I cannot express with mere words what I am feeling about the peace and joy that can be found in a trusting relationship with the Father Jesus revealed to us and made a way for us to be reconciled to. When attempting to describe all of this, it seems freedom is the only thing that seems to fit. Freedom from a life governed by fear, frustration, shame, anger, hopelessness, boredom, mediocrity, obligation, conformity, and out right DULLNESS. Maybe you aren't feeling those things and if you're not that is great, but I talk to many people that are and I have seen with my own eyes and heard from others, stories about people beginning to find a new space in their lives free of these prisons. Wayne's interview with Drew is a discussion about this very thing. Check it out when it is posted on Drew's website.

While writing this post I was reminded of a quote from the book Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli

"We are in a battle between dullness and astonishment. The most critical issues facing Christianity is not abortion, pornography, disintegration of the family, moral absolutism, MTV, drugs, racism, sexuality and school prayer. The critical issue today is dullness. We have lost our astonishment. The "Good News" is no longer good new, it's okay news. Christianity is no longer life changing, it is life enhancing. Jesus doesn't change people into wide eyed radicals anymore, he changes them into nice people."
And than this:
"It is time to find the place where the dangerous wonder of faith can be discovered—a place landscaped by risky curiosity, wild abandon, daring playfulness, quiet listening, irresponsible passion, happy terror and na├»ve grace. In a day when most of us are tired, worn-out, thirsty, and starving for life and joy and peace, maybe it is time to become a child again."


Grateful Girl said...

A hearty amen to that! I had the opportunity to see Mike a few times with the Youth Workers Convention and I alway felt like he was the real deal. I think these quotes pretty much sum up the truth of where we are. Leaving the TC and being open to whatever is in front of us has allowed us to become children again. I feel like I am in my second childhood and being a Jesus follower is not dull at all!

Thanks for the quote Brother!

Sue said...

That is a fantastic quote from Yaconelli. I feel so bubbled up with life generally when I am well ... but so often I am unwell. It really drives me mad because now I know how good real life feels like, it is difficult to be drawn back into feeling lifeless and bored.

But oh well. I can only surmise there is some sort of purpose in it.

Thanks for this post and I am looking forward to listening to that MP3.

Kent said...

Sue, here is what I have been focused on as far as life-death-sickness-wellness.

I want to live in the peace and security of Father's love and care in such a way that it makes even the crappy days full of life. I say this to encourage and not to brag because this has been a new experience for me and I don't think I am special beyond you or anyone else. Now I haven't had a sickness that has lasted for several years with no break either, I understand that and I can sympathize with those that have. If I was facing that I might find myself complaining and not experience much peace and joy....but hey, that's just speculating and I don't see that as being helpful either. We all have very unique but also similar experiences.

My recent 8 weeks of carrying around the cough from hell that was preceeded by the flu and followed by a terrible 24 hour stomach virus didn't knock me off balance and take me from the place of peace and joy. That was a first. I have had the 8 week spring cough for years and I used to dread it's arrival.

Also, on Friday I went to see a friend/client of mine who is a plastic surgeon to have him check a lesion on my thigh that was going through some changes. First off I really don't enjoy being cut on and secondly I was having something checked to make sure it wasn't one of those things most people live in fear of and dread hearing...CANCER. From the moment this thing began to form on my leg and to this day having had it removed, there has been no fear or anxiety that I have had to deal with. This is a new experience for me and it has nothing to do with me "working up courage" or "living in denial." Father has changed something in me and I believe he desires to do this in us all. It's just another part of the freedom made possible through the life giving intervention of His incarnation...death...and resurrection. There is nothing to fear and there is some redemptive value in suffering. Don't ask me to explain it....I couldn't even come close if I tried.

I will let you all know of the test results once they get news back from the lab. And by the way, I layed on my back during the time he was removing it from my leg laughing and telling stories (Dr. Lund and myself) to his nurse about the 23 years that I have been cutting his hair. I think he was enjoying cutting on me a bit too much that day. I guess it was his way of returning the professional favor.

Sue said...

Hey, Kent,

Wow, that is fantastic that you have kept your peace and joy. Bravo to you, bro (although I know it's not, as you say, anything about mustering anything up. It's more about mustering down, if anything ;)

Do keep us informed about what's going on with your leg.

I found throughout my CFS experience that I was "keeping the peace" pretty well. It's only since I have got well, and experienced again the joy and bubbling that is life and health, that I am getting frustrated. It really is kicking against the goads to a certain extent, and I have come a long way, but I, brother, am fed up with being sick now. It will have been nine years this year. And what I am experiencing now is a piece of pie compared to how I was. Now, I am really just dealing with a rather dusty immune system. I know the things I need to do. I know that Papa is in even this, working out his purposes. But oh, I can see the things I want to do, and the writing I want to do, and I don't want to be interfered with by sickness any longer, even if it is a cold.

But I know also that fighting against it is not the answer. That lesson I have learnt, over and over again, bro :) I just haven't learnt it fully, yet :)

I love hearing about and "watching" your freedom in action. I was watching the football yesterday (Aussie Rules), watching one of the new blokes on our team, a young 18 year old Aboriginal kid who is so lithe, so dextrous, so full of natural ability that it's like watching someone dance. He moved through the field confident in his own abilities. And I commented to Mark, imagine a world where everyone was doing that in their own way. That to me is a world where everyone is secure in the affection of the Father to just be themselves. Now that would be some kind of amazing orchestra :) (It will be some kind of amazing orchestra)

I'm blathering on here rather. Apologies for the excessively long posts :)

Kent said...

no appologies necessary....that's some wonderful blathering.

Making our confessions in public...maybe they will be helpful.

Sue said...

Public confession is always helpful, even over the ether.

I'm finding I'm a bit rambunctious lately ... I'm not sure if that's the right word. Maybe fractious. I don't know what either of those words mean entirely, they just sound good. I guess what I am trying to describe is that I am feeling a tad stiff-necked at the moment. I don't WANNA learn whatever there is to learn. I wanna go and sit in that sunny field over there and have a spiritual/mental/psychological/emotional holiday thanks, Papa.

But I can do that anytime. Matter of attitude. Change my rambunctious fractious stiff-necked heart, Papa.

Kent said...

"I wanna go and sit in that sunny field over there and have a spiritual/mental/psychological/emotional holiday thanks, Papa."

I hope you are not feeling bad about that. That actually sounds like entering Father's rest. It's a good thang to give ourselves a break and cease from from our striving.

Sue said...

No, Im not feeling bad at all about wanting to be in Papa's rest. It's just a bit more elusive these days than it has been in the past. Whereas you are walking into greater freedom in that area. I think that's what I referred to a fw months ago when I said you were 17 bus stops ahead of me. In this area, you are. So thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Actually, another thought I did just thunk (while showering - is there no better place to think thunks than in the shower?)

Anyway, I was thunking that I am making distinctions between being in God's rest and suffering, and there are no distinctions there. I can be at rest in the Beloved and yet experiencing distresses. And the two may look from the outside as if I am not resting in Papa, but in actuality I am always at rest in Papa ... in reality, but sometimes I don't feel like that is the case.

But of course, I am talking about two (or more) realities that are present at the same time.

Just thinking and thunking out loud

Kent said...

Sue, I thunk you have stumbled upon something marvelous while in the shower thunking.

I remember long ago thinking of the apostles and most of the folks in the NT after the cross and resurrection and ascension and the sending of the Holy Spirit and none of those folks lived in circumstances that we would think warrented peace and joy. There was great suffering and hardship.

Me thinks this is just what you have hit on Sue. Now to live in that reality.

Sue said...

Meh. Piece of cake