Sunday, April 20, 2008


I reworked part of this area today after removing another Japanese Maple stump. It was the last of the trees that were damaged beyond any hope of recovery from last years late hard freeze after the trees had leafed out. This was a sad loss because it was such a beautiful specimen. But I was able to replant the area with plants I had from other areas of the garden which means other than the cost of mulch this was a inexpensive project. I really like how it turned out. Once the purple leaf Japanese Maple in the right hand corner of the second to last picture is fully leafed out it will really finish it off.

I had spoken to a garden club last year and demonstrated how to make these hypertufa troughs that you see in the pictures and had two from that class sitting around so I chose to use them for this area. People just love them when they see them.

I had a little dwarf crab apple that I had been planning on training for bonsai but I have decided that the time requirements for bonsai training just isn't something I want to do at this time so I planted it also. Once I finished putting down the mulch I was very pleased with the finished look. This is the garden everyone walks through as they come to the front door of our home.


Grateful Girl said...

Looks fabulous! So, um, ehrr, when are you coming to our house to do that! :)

I am happy the you enjoy making things beautiful. Hmm, wonder where you get that from??

Kent said...

Trish, I would love to help you and Roger with your property.

And as far as helping in making things beautiful...I do like to believe that it is just a part of colaborating with my Father and what he is up to and what he allows for us to do and enjoy.

Matthew said...

We also had a Japanese Maple that died due to the drought the end of last summer down here in SC. :(

Our Crepe Myrtles and Rose of Sharons are standing strong though! ;)

I'm curious...What are those blue flowers that you have in your garden? I saw some across the street, growing wildly and they smelled so good! At least I think they're the same thing.

Kent said...

they are Grape hyacinth Matthew