Thursday, April 17, 2008


In a conversation with someone Yesterday this thought came to me. If our very life is gift, what is there to defend and fight to protect, and if that is true, why do we spend so much time in fight and protect/scramble mode?

Fight and protect/scramble mode just strikes me as not being consistent with living in peace and joy. Now I know a lot of folks will hear that and think I am talking about a Polly Anna life of bliss...but they couldn't be more wrong. I'm talking about a life that is lived in the reality that the life I've been given is gift and if my life is gift, the other one in front of me at any given moment, their life is gift also.

Fight and protect/scramble mode just seems to be a violation of the gift....mine and the other.

I'm convinced that freedom, the freedom God desires for us all, delivers us of this modus operandi. It stands in stark contrast of what passes as the definition of freedom today, the very thing that gave birth to and perpetuates the fight and protect/scramble mode.

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