Monday, April 21, 2008


Okay, it's a pretty typical Monday in my life. I get up usually around 5:30 am and head for the salon to sweep and mop after I take the two dogs for a walk. I then head for Sam's Club to grocery shop. I'm back home now awaiting the moment I need to head out to my appointment with my allergy specialist. Then on the way home I will make a few more necessary stops for this and that...necessity kinda stuff.
Once I'm back home I will be back to work in the's spring and there is much to do. My garden is the display gardens for my garden design business so not only is it something I do because I love it, it's something that needs to be done so I can use it to sell what I gardens, something else I love to do.

The cleaning up of the garden is coming right along and at times it is hard work, as I have explained before, as in posts like this one. But I have learned to even enjoy that part of it. And yes, the hard work makes the constant strain and pain I carry in my back, shoulders, neck and bad knee a constant traveling companion, as well does my job in the salon on my feet all day long with my arms in the air and bent over a shampoo bowl. I have learned that accepting things for what they are has set in motion something wonderful. Fighting it is just a waste of energy and embracing it, for all that it is, has been a big part of the freedom I am living in. I've learned much from Jacques Ellul of the realm of cannot be escaped. But freedom can transport us past the angst most live in when it comes to these things of necessity, or at least that has been my experience. I don't run from these things like I used to and I haven't found myself tied up into knots so easily like used to happen on almost a daily basis when faced with the complexities of my life and those around me that I used to attempt to control. I'm actually experiencing the knotted little ball I used to be undergoing a gentle untangling by the One capable of untangling the mess. As in the post I linked to above, there is also a beautiful process being worked out in the mess...I'm finding life so much more enjoyable since I stopped kicking against it and the process. It is what it is.

So, Once I return home from the DR. I might attempt to address the messy corner of the garden that you see in the picture above. A weed that has proven itself to be very stubborn has invaded and doesn't seem all that eager to leave. We'll just have to see about that.


non-metaphysical stephen said...

What a wonderful way to illustrate in concrete terms the problem of necessity and the role of freedom!

Kent said...

Thank you Stephen. An admirer of Ellul would certainly pick up on that. He certainly has explained it in a way that has made more sense to me than anyone else.

It's a totally different experience for me Stephen. We don't have to be controlled by the circumstances of life and as I have learned to put aside non-essential stuff, that which is necessity is seen for what it is and it began to not have the same negative power in my life. It all begins to blend into one experience....walking along side our brother in freedom.

Aida said...

Kent, this is an awesome post! There is so much freedom in it that I just keep going back to it. Learning to give up control of those areas of my life which are not going the way I like has been a biggie for me. However, I'm experiencing greater joy and peace as I learn to allow things to be what they are instead of constantly struggling to change those things that I have no control over.

Like you, a lot of the angst is gone and, when I see myself, trying to take back control, I'm learning to recognize the signs and correct my wrong thinking. Last night, a pity party tried to start as I began to think about some things that I wish Father would change but hasn't. It didn't last long as remember to instead focus on the wonderful things he doing.

Learning to be content in my circumstances is something I'm growing in and you've really been an inspiration and encouragement to me as I've worked through this process.


Mike Ege said...

Cool story - and a wonderful illustration of the ability to excersize choice - something I believe is part of what it means to glorify God. We can engage our hearts, even the unpleasant, and reflect Him in doing so.

Kent said...

Hello Mike, it certainly does change things when we learn to accept things for what they are. Kicking against it doesn't change what is necessary but it certainly changes our attitude in how we go about it.

To those who are in the process of being freed, there is a joy and a peace that remains present regardless of the situation.