Monday, April 28, 2008


While sitting and thinking this Monday morning before heading out to take care of those Monday morning things I must do, I was reminded of the quotes Trish posted on her blog from Mike Yaconelli's book Dangerous Wonder. The past couple years in my life have been about learning to live in God's rest. It really has produced a child like expectancy of what my wonderful Father will invite me to collaborate with him in with each passing moment.

The wonder created is not tied to any seeking of adventure as many might think, it's actually quite the opposite. It even applies to the mundane. If I had to describe it I think I would have to say that it is due to the growing reality that I'm no longer as distracted by the game the world had shaped me to play. For me there is no reason to be surprised anymore by the things the world gives or tries to demand or attempts to make me feel I need. It is what it is.

But oh what a difference it is living and resting in the love and affection of Father. He never rejects us. Never. His love is never attached to our performance. But I sense that His love leads us to do many things. One of those things being, throwing our arms around people and loving them and helping them live free of the game that is nothing but oppressive and burdensome. And for me, the sense of wonder seems to simply emerge when our eyes are opened to this very reality and the freedom that comes with it.


Jennifer said...

Hi Kent,
What a great "picture" of how Father's work in you is manifesting itself!!

I was struck when reading with the thought that you say it's only in the past two years that you've experienced this sort of freedom and wonder and I realized that means you didn't before. I know you've mentioned this time from many times, but it never clicked that this is all really new for you and what a huge difference it must be from whatever you were stuck in before.

I'm coming from a different vantage point by having experienced this freedom and wonder way back when and seeing that it can so easily be overshadowed if I allow it to be. Reading what you have to say is a constant reminder that I can't allow myself to get sidetracked by empty words and philosophies. For me, this is a journey about how to be consistent in continuing on this path when there are many opportunities to accept extra baggage that weighs us down. Reading what you write helps me to remember that this place with God is where I want and need to be. Thanks for all of it. :)

Kent said...

Jennifer, I would describe my former experience as the Successful American Conservative Cristian Experience. And yes it was very much stuck in the act of building a life for myself and family around "sound biblical principles". I just found out how dead it was...that is...making it about sound biblical principles and building my dream.

Sue said...

Good point, Jennifer.

Oooh, those three words, "sound biblical principles" - they strike fear into my heart ;)

Kent said...

"sound biblical principles" is the NT language for LAW

Jennifer said...

i'm just getting ready to put some thoughts together about law, freedom and principles...funny how that happens!

me too! We may as well say "sound Mesopotamian principles" and it would be similar.

How do you guys find fellowship locally...or do you?

Sue said...

Sound Mesopotamian principles - HEHE!! :)

I don't have any real fellowship locally :( I really want to. But I think it's a Papa thing, being fitted into the Body (or maybe I'm just being too fussy or scared and really it's just a matter of biting the bullet and doing it).

I still prefer the Papa method of bringing people alongside effortlessly, and watching the life flow from there. And it hasn't happened yet for me (which raises a whole lot of questions) but I know it will)

Kent said...

Jennifer, I have a lot of great fellowship (unconventional style)

First of all, remember my job. I feel like I am having fellowship all day long everyday at work. Believer and non-believers alike. We have such wonderful conversations. I get together with a couple of those clients outside the salon, usually for coffee. Then I have a few couples (my brother and his wife and another friend and his wife actually live across the street from us. They have all been outside the Sunday gathering for the 20 years that we have been. We met Trish (Grateful Girl) and her husband Roger along with Mike and Manuela (another blog friend) a couple years ago during one of Wayne's trips here. Those two families are coming over this coming Friday night for dinner together. Mike and myself spent a couple hours last night together at Starbucks...we attempt to do that weekly. So that's what I am doing as far as fellowship goes...we kinda just call it shared life.