Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is why I began collecting unusual conifers. The cones are pretty awesome.

I need to take a photography class.

This Hellebore has just pushed out some new flowers and they are so cool. The first set were a mauve rose color and now these are a peachy pink.

The color contrast and the differing leaf shapes of the maples always make wonderful combination with each other and with the conifers and other plants.


Kirk said...

I am really enjoying the pictures from your garden. Quite the amazing variety and obviously well loved by the gardener.

Kent said...

Thanks Kirk. My blog is just a peek into my daily life and beginning to add some of the garden story is just a wider angle shot of the whole.

I myself do find it all to be very inspiring. This little corner of my neighborhood has turned into a gardening community. We all see a lot more of each other because of the sharing of our gardens. What's also interesting is that the Baptists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Catholics and the spiritual mutts (that would be my family and my brother's family across the street) are all represented here living together pretty harmoniously and enjoying each other.

Pretty cool.

Jennifer said...

What a gift Kent. Yep, Hellebore will just have to be in the budget. :)