Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Continuing with the story of spring in my garden, here is a look into some of the dirty but necessary work. Which reminds me that my trashy garage needs some attention now that I see it in this picture. But that can wait...it's a garage.

Every year at this time I take maples that I have grown from seed or purchased as small start-ups and move them up into larger pots to give their roots more space to grow. It's a bit different than in the post below when I am wanting to keep a tree more compact which in that case I must pull them out every few years and reduce the root mass and then stick them back into the same container. These trees need to grow so they will be ready to be sold and planted in a future garden design project.

So no pretty picture here today but hey, the hard work of transformation isn't always pretty but if one can learn to "see" beyond that which is visible there is much beauty waiting to be found...hidden in all the mess and difficult work.


Tina said...

What an encouraging post! It reminds me of the garden in The Shack. So much is based on perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

Roger said...

Hey man! Is that stuff legal?! ;-)

Kent said...

now whachu talknbout willis?

Jennifer said...

Ah, see...I thought it was your cool potting shed and had no idea it was your trashy garage. :)

Look like potentiality in progress! Life is blooming, so exciting!

Kent said...

Jennifer, it would be nice to have a potting shed...but hey, the garage works.

To this day I am still so amazed by a seed sprouting and coming to life. The simple mysteries.

Kent said...

Tina, try to imagine how I cried uncontrolably the first time I read the chapter...A Long Time Ago In A Garden Far Far Away.

I saw the beautiful messy garden that was my daughter who was in a difficult struggle and the beautiful messy garden that was myself in full blown glory. I literally walked away from that first reading of that chapter and have embraced the beautiful mess in ways I could have never dreamed possible. Humbling yet so awe inspiring.

Jennifer said...

Are those all transplants or do you store them? They look like new trees with the tags, but do you keep them in pots to be ground planted later?

Looks like fun!

Kent said...

Jennifer, some of them I have grown from seed and some of them are shipped to me from Oregon as small start ups on up to 10 gal. trees. I grow many Japanese Maples in decorative containers as well as in the ground. The ones that are for sale or will be once they are sellable size I grow in nursery containers. Maples make great patio trees and the cool thing about them being in decorative pots is you can move them around to different locations when you want to change the look around your house.

I have two garden design jobs this week and more than likely these clients will buy trees from the selection of some 60 Japanese Maples I am growing.