Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, I'm done. All the maples are finally out of the garage and have been placed through out the garden. As you can see, my quiet space is moving right along. This entire area will feel so secluded once it is all filled out. After I was finished working today I sat right there and had a Newcastle Brown Ale. I wish someone had been here to share one with me.
This one gives a little more perspective of the space.

This is a picture of one side of the front porch. These maples are a little slower than the others.

Here are a couple cool little trees.

And I couldn't resist this close up of one of the many Hellebore. More to come.
I decided to not start a gardening blog like I had thought about you all can see by now. One blog is enough to keep up with and I kinda like having these garden posts mixed in with the other stuff.


Aida said...

I like it too, Kent. We have a tendency to divide our lives into separate compartments when in reality the various aspects of our lives are woven together like a beautiful tapestry. I enjoy seeing and reading the various aspects that Father has woven together to make you who you are.


Kent said...

Thanks Aida.

Sue said...

I would love to come hang in your garden and drink beer with you, Kent.

I think you should call name that red leafed maple Colin. Why? I don't know, really :)

Kent said...

It's that uncontrollable urge you have to name everything.

Sue said...

Just humour me. It's not like you had another name for it. How is calling it Colin going to impinge on your life, huh? (Unless it's a girl, of course. And only you can know that. But if it's a girl, call it Colleen)

Kent said...

Far be it from me Sue to impinge on your it what you like. It's Colin to me now also. doesn't that feel good...harmony.

Kent said...

Sue, they all actually already have names.

The salmon colored on you speak of is Beni tsukasa

the green one is Mikawa Yatsabusa

I love the names of the Japanese Maples. People that walk through the garden just mess with me wanting to hear me call them all by their botanical names.

Sue said...

Well, here's me calling him Colin when his name is Benny. Silly me :)

What cool names. Mikawa Yatsabusa.

Kent said...

there are a lot of cool names out of the close to 1000 Japanese Maple cultivars. Like "Murasaki kiyohime" or "Shishigashira" or "Tamuke yama" and the list goes on......or cheesy ones that indicate someone got lazy:

"skeeter's broom"