Thursday, April 03, 2008


I know, I'm crazy. I hear people say it to me often on days like today or during weeks like we have had around here recently. Maybe so, but I am at least enjoying my craziness. At least some people can see the beauty created by a gentle rain if there is a market to sell fake raindrops to hang on trees, so at least I'm not alone.
There is just something so cleansing about the feel of a season like this. And there certainly is a purpose being worked out in nature through the rain that saturates the earth and makes things spring forth into life and then sustains that life.
It always brings to my mind a thought. Either there is a creator that has set all this in place and in motion or something extraordinary just happened by chance. Which ever way it is there is so much to be astounded by, that is, if we can just get past the mess often created by us humans. And yet today I am reminded that there is a purpose even being worked out in the mess and pain we humans seem all too experienced at producing in our own lives and the lives of others....
"I suppose since most of our hurts come through relationships so will our healing."
When that healing happens in my life with relationships it feels so cleansing, like a gentle spring rain accomplishing the purpose for which it is paying us a visit today.


Tina said...

It's thundering here as I type this. The picture with this post is beautiful. We've had drought conditions here for a while, so I am more keenly aware this year of the cleansing rain. For one thing, it is washing away the pollen, which is good for everyone!

Kent said...

Tina, I hope you all get the rain you need. We have had a very wet winter with a lot of snow and now with a lot of rain entering into Spring. I do really love it. My neighbors think I was a duck in a former life. And like you, I think that picture is beatiful.