Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, the warmer weather has brought about some drastic changes in just a few days. The rapid growth of leaves reminds me of watching the wings of a butterfly fill with fluid and expand. It really is an amazing process.

I'm watching similar changes emerge in the lives of people around me as they are beginning to walk free of the fear based living they have known. As the love of God fills us and that love casts out the fears that imprison us, the transformation is even more stunning than watching a plant come into a new growing season. The natural world is a fixed's the laws of nature.

A heart imprisoned by fear, shame and guilt being set free is a much more tricky transformation because our will and choices play a role. It comes down to trust and a willingness to let go of the illusion of being in control and being controlled by what others might think of us.

That's what separates humans from the plant world. We can live free.

And as beautiful as the natural world is that surrounds us....a heart/a life set free by the love and affection of Father so that His love can be extended through us towards other humans and towords the care of the natural world just happens to give a whole new meaning to BEAUTIFUL.


Sue said...

This post was ... beautiful :)

Kent said...

Sue, the last three posts have been an attempt to express some of the changes I see happening all around me. Papa's love has a way of disarming us and all we are left to do is to embrace each other because we come to see that it's the embrace (his embrace of us and our embrace of the other)that swings open the door of the cage that has kept beauty hidden.