Monday, April 14, 2008


Continuing on with my spring progress report in the garden, today I finally had to make the decision that this Japanese Maple was not going to recover. It's been in steady decline now for a couple years. This tree was a new whip when I purchased it some 12 years ago. Sometimes you just never know what causes the decline of a tree and such is the case with this one. It's a mystery.

This next picture is a wider angle view of the empty space created with the loss of this tree. I'm still not decided on what to place in this spot to replace the maple. I'm leaning towards a collection of conifers to go along with these that you see in the picture. The one in the foreground left is a weeping Serbian Spruce which happens to be one of my favorites. Visitors either just love these rare unusual conifers or they just don't "get it" and can't appreciate them. But what most do sense and appreciate is the arboretum feel of the garden. I didn't want your normal suburban American home garden. It's not for everyone. People that know me in other circle often see it and say; "Why are we not surprised that your garden would be different from what everyone else does?"

The next few pictures are areas in the garden that are doing just fine at this point. Tonight looks to be the last night of freezing temps we will probably have and it is only suppose to drop to around 31 degrees. Everything should be fine. After tonight, the temps warm to daytime highs in the 60s and 70s and the nights stay in the 50s. The changes will happen fast now over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


Sue said...

My heart leapt at the hellebores.

That conifer looks like it's a half cousin of the ones you see that people have carved things out of (like the one I saw in someone's garden yesterday that was like a giraffe or something :)

The poor, poor, maple :( May he rest in peace. I hope you had a proper Hindu send-off for him, made a bonfire from his wood? :)

Kent said...

The hellebores are delightful.

No Hindu send off, the tree is still laying in the postion it is in in the picture.

And as for the conifer, that is just how she grows.

Sue said...

I like the conifer. She has her own personality.

Why am I genderising the trees? Calling the maple a boy, the conifer a girl. :)