Wednesday, May 07, 2008


As I have mentioned already, Spring has been so delightful in my neighborhood this year. Once I returned home today after a day at work I decided to take a walk through the garden during a gentle rain shower. The colors are so much more intense during the spring and even more so after a rain. The seedpods of this Japanese Maple caught my eye immediately. The new growth on the conifers was just glowing. The columbine are all over the place having re-seeded
randomly wherever the wind has blown their seeds...more often than not, these surprises created by nature beat our best attempts to create.

This garden I tend today is less structured then the garden I designed in this place 10 years ago. It somewhat resembles the easing of the structure that I have let go of in my life also. It feels more natural...more free. And I suspect with this loosening of the boundaries I used to attempt to live within, more surprises are up ahead. Like this spreading out-of-bound mound of columbine, growing in the path of my garden....I look forward to the surprises.


Sue said...

Oh, beautiful walk around your real and metaphoric garden this morning, Kent. Thank you!

Those columbines growing where they may ... nice.

Ron said...

I've got a bunch of columbine that looks very similar behaving in much the same way just out my window as I sit here typing! I'm sorry to say that my garden looks a good bit more neglected than yours, and that is not by design-- just sheer neglect! But even though my current season of life doesn't allow me the time in the garden I've enjoyed in the past and look forward to again, it is still a place of refuge and sweat-induced satisfaction from time to time.

I can look at your pics and just imagine that it is my own, and let go of some of the latent guilt about what I "should" be doing out there...


Kent said...

Bones, last season mine was terribly neglected also. It didn't take that much effort to get it back in shape this Spring.

Hey, don't forget....there is no reason to feel guilty.

Kent said...

Sue, come and enjoy the virual garden anytime you like...and stop by if you are in the area for the real thing. We'll have a drink and conversation together.