Sunday, May 11, 2008


To meet Sue's request in her comment below I have come back and added a picture of what the dogs do on a day like today if they are not on a walk. Here's a link to another cute picture of Tucker.

Well this morning it was more like a dash. Weather fascinates me and this morning is just another one of those times. The winds are gusting to 50 mph and one moment it might be pouring rain and the next a light drizzle or nothing at all. I just love the tension of it all. Well, today that's made easier because there is nothing I absolutely have to do outside, except walk the two dogs which I just finished doing.

So that's the weather story this morning and since it was a bit of a tough outdoor situation that would keep me from sitting in a quiet spot in the garden doing some reading while drinking my morning latte, I decided to head to the salon and do the weekend cleaning because tomorrow morning when I normally do it might be a bit more conducive to being out in the garden. I took along my IPod and went back to listen to the first audio in the Perichoresis 101 series. I had already listened several times to the other three. What a blessed time it ended up being in the salon sweeping and mopping, thinking about our wonderful Father who lavishes his love and affection on us all without measure. It also sent me to thinking about the tension swirling around the book I often speak of here, The Shack. A tension manifested on two different fronts.
On one front, the tension is created in those who don't yet know of this God as describe in the story even though it runs identical to the story of the father in the parable Jesus tells about a wayward prodigal son, and yet these people have something stirring in them telling them it is true...even if they find it impossible to believe because of all the religious baggage that has led them to believe this God must be feared. And on the other hand the tension created in the people that find themselves somewhat pissed off and angry that this book is being embraced by so many people. These people that find it necessary to attack this book and it's message also remind me of the parable Jesus told about that wayward son because they are acting like the older brother who was so pissed off because his father, in a highly embarrassing moment, lavishly covered his "worthless" sinful brother with hugs and kisses and throws him a party. Kinda sounds like Papa from The Shack now doesn't it?

Either we come to understand God in the light of grace and forgiveness or the biblical story of the prodigal son (not to even mention the story of Mack's encounter with Papa, Jesus and Sarayu) just doesn't make sense or even worse, leaves us pissed off. As Jesus told the angry Pharisees that day, and the same holds true for us today...if we find ourselves in a place that looks like the older brother in the story, who's blood pressure and judgemental attitude is in hyper-drive, the people "out there" that we are shaking our finger at might just be closer to the Truth than we are.


Sue said...

I've just been cooking this evening (roast pumpkin soup and mushroom risotto) and thinking with pleasure how the food I am enjoying cooking tonight is gonna be enjoyed by my mother and my friend Jane on her birthday tomorrow. And thinking, I'm sure that must be how you felt and feel with your garden. And Papa must feel that way about us. Amazing, huh?

Can you include the dogs in the photos next time? :)

Kent said...

Sue, I think about to the salon...walking the dogs...etc. in such a different way since the first time I read The Shack. Father Son and Spirit are involved in all of that with us.

I will work a picture of the dogs in soon for you.

Kent said...

Sue, the picture I added is what they were doing while I read the comment you made here. I went in to the living room and they were asleep together. I wish Harvey hadn't raised his head before I got the picture.

Sue said...

Eeee! Doggies! Harvey and Tucker :) How cute.

What a life, huh? It is a dog's life.

Kent said...

Sue,you have no idea how good the pumkin soup and mushroom risotto sounds to me. UmmmmUmmmmGood

Rich said...

Kent my Bruthar,

Here's a thought for you Kent, regarding the barrage of 'attacks' that are coming 'against' The Shack especially those high lighted in the most recent pod cast from Chuck Colson.

What I seem to be missing in all of this haranging over the right and wrongness of it all is that resident within Wyane, Brad, Paul, you, me and every other person on this planet whether lost or found has resident within their/our flesh those very same things that are so bugging the hell out of the Shack lovers!

Maybe Papa is only mildly fond of those instead of greatly fond of those such as Chuck Colson or whomever that somehow see it their mission in life to expose the so called heritics?

It truly is amazing our blindness, failing to recognize this subtle, hidden covert shit resident within us all.
Personally I see all of this flack as a most wonderful thing, in Papa bringing where needed and necessary, further sobriety/clarity/humility to not only the Chuck Colsons of this world but the Wayne, Brad, Paul, Rich and the Kent's of this world as well.

I am so glad our boasting is in Him and the glorious workings of the cross that are being applied to each of our lives!

Blessings to you Bro

Kent said...

Rich, we all must live very aware of the propesity to gravitate into a place of judgement of others. And I for one don't see God's fondness for anyone being diminished in any way based upon what they are doing. Whether it is Chuck Colson or someone else opposing The Shack or anyone else making wild assumptions about others for whatever reason.