Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Bill found what I could not find on youtube. Last night I was talking to one of my daughters about helping me make a video to the song Beautiful Change. This morning I receive a response to this post and a link to a video someone else has put together. The message of the video images is to respect children. I so agree. I've become so aware of the privilege of walking along side my daughters as their friend. The authority paradigm died hard in this dad. But once it did a beautiful change happened. And once that change happens, Honorable Relations are possible. Read about that here

So, here is Beautiful Change by the innocence mission.


Kent said...

Oh, and by the way Bill I jump on your site every so often. I think it was through Wayne that I heard about you?

Ashley A said...

I needed to read this today. I have a three-year-old son and an eleven-month-old daughter. I'm finding my parenting mindsets shift more and more as I'm coming into a clear understanding of God's loving responses toward me. But when things aren't going smoothly, I end up wondering if an "eye for an eye" sort of response is necessary before grace can be appreciated. Does it really work out in the long run? Honorable relations sounds nice.

Kent said...

For starters...Hello Ashley.

"Does it really work in the long run?"

All I can tell you is that the changing of my perspective and the way I am living with my girls today in comparison to how it used to be is like the difference between night and day. Not that it all is running smoothly all the time but because loving them is the foundation of our relationship now and not my expectations of them. Life is either messy with an underpinning of love and grace or it is messy with an underpinning of law and control and manipulation.

The season I was in the middle of when the Honorable Relations thing dropped in my lap was nothing short of all things being over-turned in my prior way of thinking and reacting to all the things happening around me. I love how this change has worked out in my relationships with my wife and daughters and everyone else for that matter.

The most important thing Ashley is that we learn to listen to the Spirit in each and every moment of our lives whether with our children or spouse or anyone who might be in front of us. I have come to believe the question the Spirit is always asking me is: How can you love this person in this situation in a way that will help in setting them free. Grace and love is the only thing I know that works that way.

Ashley A said...

"Life is either messy with an underpinning of love and grace or it is messy with an underpinning of law and control and manipulation."

You know...I think that's what I need to figure out. I guess this chaotic toddler phase is just going to be chaotic and I'd rather have all the chaos on the outside (embarrassing as that is) than in my child's heart.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.