Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today the sky is much different than it was Yesterday when the pictures in the post below were taken. It just seems to me that each and every moment in life involves change and yet so often it seems people see sameness. Often many settle in and hope for sameness. Freedom seems to be about learning to respond to whatever the moment brings. I think most people live as victims of change because they are actually attempting to control the uncontrollable. Hang onto things that are good and enjoyable and push away things that are difficult. It's an exercise that just wears us out and robs us of the wonder of embracing the life of change...the uniqueness of each and every moment. Nothing is ever the same and really why would we want it to be?

The wonder created by those who learn to live with expectancy, creates people who live with the ability to respond in ways that open up the possibility of hope and freedom to others. I'm not going back to that old more predictable (yet not) way of attempting to live that was really just an act of hanging on.
The God of Wonder is a God of change. Our Father loves us too much to allow us to stay the same. From glory to glory...from freedom unto more freedom.
Check this video out. But then let us never forget what this God of glory did. He came to our party. He bridged the gap that existed in our minds by coming close to us so we could see a Father instead of a scary God. And they chose to stay here with us. It's a mystery.


Aida said...

Kent, this is an awesome post and a great video. I really like Third Day.

"Freedom seems to be about learning to respond to whatever the moment brings."

I love that statement. Most of our stress is the result of our inability to accept what we can't change. I'm learning to be more expectant instead of dreading new situations. You're sharing about expectancy has been a big encouragement in my learning that.

At work, I was given another class because the previous substitute won't do it any more. That's not a situation I enjoy going into but I decided to not expect the worse. I've already had them three times and they're not so bad. I don't know if my attitude is making a difference but I do believe it's best to not always dread the new and different.

Our God is a God of change and it's an exciting life he's called us to live. In order to do that, we have to be willing to get out of the rut of life and jump into that roller coaster with him and go careening through life. As you can probably tell, I'm re-reading Dangerous Wonder.


Kent said...

Aida, I'm glad we have been able to walk through some of this stuff together. It is helpful to us all when we have others that are walking through similar things. It's good to hear that it has been helpful for you.

Good luck with the new class.