Monday, May 19, 2008


My morning plans have changed a bit today. I had planned on helping the husband of a client of mine get his garden ready for a tour it is to be a part of in a few weeks. It's a little wet here this morning so those plans have been moved now to Friday afternoon. And due to the reality that I am learning to let the day just be what the day wants to be, helps me to see things I couldn't see before.

I got to thinking about these pictures I took Yesterday in the garden and how this Spring has been like none I have ever seen in my 20 years of gardening. The environment in which my garden is growing has been so conducive to it thriving. First off, 10 years ago I put a lot of work into preparing the ground. I moved so much good rich loose garden soil in before anything was planted. Once I had it planted I have tended this garden with great care. It took me 7 years to get it to the "finished" stage it is in today. I loosely say finished because plants are alive and they change as they grow and sometimes they even die. Adjustments have to be made. Just like humans, plants are subjected to the same world of uncertainty as we are.

But another aspect of the environment they find themselves in has been a contributing factor also. The rain has been plentiful and consistant which has eliminated any stress on the plants and the cool temperatures have kept the colors intense and vibrant and has extended the average bloom time for all the flowering trees and perennials. To be alive and to be in a nurturing environment makes all the difference in the world .

It brings to mind the environment we were created to live in. The circle defined by a relationship with our Creator is the environment we belong in and will thrive in. Outside of that environment the colors will be flat and the fruit will fade fast. Many times fruit will not even be produced. All the energy is spent on the scramble to survive.

The two previous posts have been about two different approaches to life. One is the life outside the environment we belong in and it has to do with law and fear and all that flows from that. The other is a life within the environment we belong and it has to do with love and acceptance and deep affection and the wastefullness of grace. Law and fear do not exist within that environment. Some people might ask; "How do we get to the right environment?" I think we are already in it and yet we live as if we are not. We let the rules of the other environment dictate how we live. Most of the time we have embraced those rules thinking they fit because we have been told they are a part of environment we were created for. Because of my eyes being opened to this reality I no longer am left wondering why I had struggled all of my life trying to feel safe and secure and healthy and never feeling safe secure and healthy. I'm thrilled to say the ongoing transition is changing all of that, not only with just myself but I am watching it happen in others also.

Gardens are bursting into life everywhere.


Sue said...

Beeyootiful. Thanks. I just love that - I don't know what it is - fir? spruce? - on the right hand side in the second picture. What a wonderful green.

Kent said...

Sue, that is a Colorado Spruce. The tree is powder blue except this time in the spring when the new growth is yellow. It is a very beautiful color. The one in this picture is in the front of our home near the street. In one of the ealier spring posts (afternoon walk in the rain) there is a picture of a much larger one that is behind our home.

cultivar name: Picea pungen 'Walnut Glen' You being someone that likes to name things I thought you might be interested.

Sue said...

Funny you should mention that. I named my ex's fridge last night. He mentioned that his girlfriend, after a couple of wines, went and opened the fridge the other night and yelled out, "This is a very sad fridge!" It is, really. It shows the dearth of cooking that goes on in that house :)

So I named it Kurt. His fridge is Kurt and his car is Craig and that Colorado Spruce is something special :)