Friday, May 30, 2008


With each and every passing day I continue to become more and more aware of the failure of law to bring about what people are hoping for it to bring about. And here is something we seem to be guaranteed if law is where we place our attention and effort....FRUSTRATION!!!!!!

Having been able to step outside this paradigm I used to live with, I'm just fascinated watching the people all around me and all I am seeing is that people are just pissed off and frustrated because no one is following the rules as they think they should be followed.

But how does one make the move away from living this way when they are caught up in attempting to make everything run the way they have been told it should run?

Just thinking out loud here during a short break from work. It's been an interesting morning to say the least. Off to work again...wonder what I will see next?


Kirk said...


Was pondering this failure of the law just yesterday. I work in the TV news business and so see first hand much of the tragedy and fallout from the tragedy that folks are inflicting on each other up close and personal. And it seems our first reaction in response to a particular tragedy is to come up with new law or policy or at the very least a guideline to "make sure this doesn't happen to someone else". Of course, it does happen to someone else. We seem only to feel as if we are reacting properly if we are creating rules to make sure tragedy never happens again. And victims of these heinous acts seem frequently to say that my "husband, child, friend"'s life doesn't have any meaning if the criminal doesn't get a specific punishment.

I was having this conversation with a co-worker speaking to how someone's life has value regardless of the circumstances surrounding it's end. And a criminal getting the death penalty in response to an act of violence doesn't give more value to the victim's life. He said he thought he agreed with that until he had children (two, both under 5)but now he doesn't think he could rest unless someone who did that to one of his kids got the ultimate punishment.

It doesn't seem a day goes by in my work that I don't cross paths with someone and have the thought "Wow they really might be helped by reading The Shack". I have given away several dozen to folks if the situation worked out to where I had a private moment. And one guy I work with said to me after reading a copy I gave him that "if your God really is that nice, and loves me that much, I might just change my mind about him". I suggested to him he just ask Papa to reveal Himself to him.

Sorry for the long response, your thoughts really struck a chord today. Hope you are having a good day.


Kent said...

Kirk, you don't ever have to appologize for the length of a post. And as for whether I am having a good day? I am, but if I was still the person today I was a few years ago it would have been a rough one...the rules and what used to be my expectations were being broken all around.

I'm sure you see first hand the failure law is and the destructive cycle that continues because the solution is always more laws and tougher punishments and yet the maddness continues.

Grateful Girl said...


My journey sometimes parallels what you're going through or have gone through... I have never really payed attention to all of the political stuff until now. I am no longer angry or upset with politics, but I can honestly tell you that I am heart sick to see that our Government, (local, state or federal) continues to put laws on everyone without thinking through the long term consequences. I am sad to see our country in the shape it's in. I am sad to see that the laws that were meant to protect are harmful in many ways and we are slowly becomming "not free."

Our rights are being dwindled away right before our eyes and it seems no one is on our side! No one is representing the little guys. Our govt. is so out of touch with her people that they don't really know what's going in our lives...

I never dreamt in our life time we would see such failure.

I could go on for a long time but will stop and make these comments on my own blog.

Love ya man!

Kent said...

Trish, you are right about the larger culture and politics and how it is a mess and full of people that in thinking they see make it very clear that they are blind. Nothing really gets resolved.

But tody what I was watching at work was the ongoing adventure of thinking that rules and the repackaging of rules accomplish what we desire, and yet it just continues to fail, but people feel compelled to continue to try new versions of the same game...over and over and over.

In most everything we do, someone is attempting to work a system in an attempt to acheive order. I understand why it's this way, it's how this world has shaped us to think. But these systems that are used always function through law...a set of expectations eveyone must live by, and to enforce it, control and manipulation must be used. It just seems to me this is the very thing that keeps people trapped in the endless cycle. I'm just finding myself no longer willing to manipulate the same old game in an attempt to acheive order because I am seeing those attempts are the thing that stands in the way of Shalom. Law in all it's forms is an attempt to acheive order and it will always fail. My hope is firmly placed in something else.

Sue said...

Great post and great comments, and yes, I agree, Kent, your thoughts are paralleling mine very closely! I have been thinking about the failure of the law from the viewpoint of the law enforcers themselves, seeing as I transcribe police interviews. Some of the questions and rigmarole the police have to go through as part of their protocol, you can see that the people they are asking don't understand why they are being asked a particular question, and sometimes the police are so caught up in the system that they can't seem to see why the person is reacting as they do.

It's like we want this safe little system where there is a protocol to do things because it ties messy humans up into nice little packages, and man, it pisses me off, because people consistently get stepped on and hurt and treated like a number, that it doth anger me that humanity's desire for safety and security often makes it less safe and less secure for the people who are in the hardest positions to start off with.

Kirk, I was wondering when I read the part of your comment about your co-worker. That just sounds like revenge to me, pure and simple. I can understand it, though, at least from an imagining point of view, how ferocious your love and protection of your children would be and should be ... but to the point where it allows you to inflict your own violence on someone else? I don't think so. And I know how ridiculous that statement above would sound to people who have children and would want the death penalty if someone murdered their child, but I still stand by my reasoning that it is just revenge justified. What the hell would it achieve?

The whole death penalty thing creeps me out.

Kent said...

yes Sue, it is just revenge and it solves nothing and has never ever healed anyone's pain of loss.

Kirk said...

The amazing part of that conversation was that he seemed ok with his reaction being just revenge. We talked about that and he was real clear about thinking he would just have to "get even" (his words). I know that none of know for certain what our reaction would be in a situation of great tragedy, but I do think that a growing understanding of the freedom Papa offers gives me a better clue to how I would respond.