Saturday, May 03, 2008


BEAUTIFUL CHANGE the innocence mission

Oh I'm going to find some peace of mind.
At any time I could change, any day,
a beautiful change.

Some low sinking clouds become reindeer
while I'm standing here at the door,
looking for a beautiful change.

The snow is here. The light is bright.

Flower forth, and soon, branch of Easter.
I want to be here when he needs me,
he will see a beautiful change.

Oh and he wades into the yard.
Nothing has been what I'd guessed so far.
Unforeseen, this most sweet, beautiful change.

I wish there was somewhere on the net that I could link to this song so everyone could hear it. It's worth the 99 cents it costs at Itunes.

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Bill Lollar said...

Hi, Kent. Try this YouTube video and I think you will find the song/link you're looking for. Great song, by the way!

Bill Lollar
The Thin Edge