Thursday, May 08, 2008


All the blood tests came back just fine. The old man's cholesterol has even dropped 30 points from the last time....I guess that happened due to the fact that I never took the cholesterol lowering meds they gave me? Imagine that :)


Sue said...

Fantastic :)

I love this post for the news and also what it says about the medical profession. They refuse to see how little they see.

Tina said...

Great news!! Thanks for sharing it.

Jennifer said...

Glad to hear it!!

Aida said...

Hi Kent,

Great news and very encouraging.

Right now I'm on three different meds for blood pressure. The doctor wants me to check my blood pressure every day which I had been doing but I'd get stressed every time I did it. Finally, I stopped checking it altogether. I go back to see him later this month and haven't had it checked since the last visit.

Somehow, I feel freer. My husband things I'm in denial but I was in such bondage to that pressure gauge that it wasn't worth it. Your stories of how Father is freeing you have really been an inspiration and an encougement to me even when others think I'm crazy for what I'm doing.

Doing stupid things is wrong but it's never wrong to follow what Father has placed on our heart to do even if others don't agree or understand.

Thanks for all of your encouragement.


rob horton said...

cheers to good health bro!