Monday, May 26, 2008


Everything has it's time. Even so impatience, on we humans part, keeps us often in the mode of forcing things. I don't know if our attempts to force things keep them from happening or not, but I get the sense it can certainly slow things down and add a lot of very unpleasant extras that might not be necessary.

I could force these foxglove to bloom before their time by artificially changing the environment, but it would most certainly alter what they are suppose to be. Funky things would happen and the results wouldn't be as they are suppose to be. One possibility might be the stems would be weaker and in a severe storm like we had last night with high winds, torrential rain, and marble sized hail, these plants would be on the ground not having the strength to withstand the onslaught of nature's furry.

And just like plants, we find our selves in such harsh environments at times of which we have no control. Often I wonder if it's not made worse by the fact that we live much of the time in scramble mode attempting to make things happen "NOW" when "NOW" is not the right time? If we can rest assured that the Spirit never sleeps and never takes a holiday and is at work to accomplish that which we need to thrive, maybe being in a hurry isn't such a good idea....ya think?
Just about everyday this spring, in this garden, the Spirit has been speaking to me and showing me..."All is well, and if you run too fast you'll miss it." Running too fast doesn't change the space where all is well, it just places me in a different space and leaves me vulnerable to the harsh environment I must live everyday. In one of those spaces I find myself able to speak to the world (people) around me in a way that is helpful to it (them). In the other space, awhile back, I found out that I wasn't much help to anyone. I was caught up in the friggin storm trying to keep my head above the waves and attempting to keep the wind from breaking me or uprooting me.

If we can calm down long enough to allow the Spirit to do some uprooting and pruning away of the things that are hindering our growth, I think we would be very surprised. Things will happen in their time and that we can be assured of. For our Father who has began a good work in us will certainly see it through. He's not scrambling and he is not distracted and if the storm that is raging inside us can be calmed we might just find out that we are able to remain in that space where all is well, even if there is a storm swirling all around us.



Aida said...

Wow!! Awesome garden and awesome post. What a vivid picture you've painted of the importance of not trying to force things before their time.

That's a difficult lesson to learn but probably one of the most important. One of the best books I've ever read is In My Father's Vineyard by Wayne Jacobsen. In it, he describes how necessary each season is for healthy grapes to be produced. Then he explains how true this also is in our spiritual vineyards. Healthy fruit will only be produced in our lives as we experience the changing seasons. There's no way it can be avoided.

I'm really enjoying this walk with you through your garden as you share with us the lessons you are learning.


Sue said...

Great pics and great wise post, Kent.

I need reminding of this about every 14 seconds over the past few weeks, so thanks :)

Kent said...

Aida, I have known Wayne now for many years and have read all his books except In My Father's Vineyard. I even have it on my book shelf. Thanks for mentioning it. I'm going to pick it up and read it.

and you are welcome Sue. I think tomorrow's post will speak to the tention and the longing created by the tention. I spent some time last night wanting to be in Ohio at the grand opening of a new outdoor concert facility where Over The Rhine was performing having been choosen to be the first band to play their. They played their Double CD, Ohio, from start to finish. The music from that CD penetrated deep within me a couple years ago during a time my scrambling had left me exhausted. It helped me move to that other space. The last song on that CD, a hidden track, speaks of the tension...HOW LONG LORD????

Aida said...

Kent, the neat thing about that book is that it's broken up into chapters that really stand by themselves so I treated it like a devotional and just read a chapter a day. There was a lot in each chapter to chew on before I went on to the next one.

The sad thing is that it's out of print so I had to get mine from Amazon but it's well worth the effort I had to make to get a copy. It really is a gem.


Sue said...

Aida, I've been wanting to get In My Father's Vineyard for ages. I remember Wayne talking about it a bit here and there (I think on the Transitions talks??) and it just resonates so much. Glad you're enjoying it; I look forward to Amazoning myself with a secondhand copy sometime in the future.

Kent - I also look forward to getting Ohio :) I got the latest Bruce Cockburn CD in the mail today. Hurrah for good books and music :)

How long Lord indeedy deed :) But still, he gives great big gulps of rest within the tensioned moments, coming up for air and seeing how far we've come.