Saturday, May 03, 2008


The days of setting things in stone, of becoming so rigid as to how I want things to happen are either dead or still in the process of dying. Turns out that life being governed by expectations and all that goes with attempting to see those expectations met was literally keeping me from living...or should I say finding life. Freedom was not even a possibility there.

I have no idea what will transpire in my life this day as I head off to work. But I am certain God is with me and I am certain the Spirit is moving through this world setting in motion the work of redemption. I look forward to entering all the unique situations with Him that unfold this day. With this new perspective each and every moment is different and full of the tension that is created by this world of uncertainty we find ourselves in and the freedom to be found for those learning to live in union with Father, Son and Spirit. When we engage with people you can be assured you will run into all these emotions and many more: joy, hopelessness, peace, fear, comfort, pain, and the list goes on. To be able to respond, our own freedom becomes so important. Being at peace and at rest in our identity in Father seems to change everything and make this possible.

Everyday I am surprised at things I see unfold in conversations and in the lives of other people and in my own. It's quite the beautiful change from how I had lived most of my life attempting to see expectations met. I for one am not going back.

"Nothing has been what I'd guessed so far.
Unforeseen, this most sweet, beautiful change."


Lennart in SA said...

"It's not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit say the Lord!"
What a beautiful piece of surrender to your precious Lord.
Keep blogging, we're reading. Blessings from South Africa.

Kent said...

Thanks for letting me know you are popping in here. South Africa has been on my my heart for many years. I hope to be able to make a trip there sometime in the future. Actually my entire family has been hoping we can do it together sometime. We will have to wait and see. We would probably try to arrange it through New Jerusalem Missions.

Tina said...

Kent, I love this post. I was having this conversation yesterday.
Ten years ago right now I was on Grand Cayman for my honeymoon. We made plans to go back for our 10-year anniversary. Instead, we went to The Melting Pot for dinner and had a night without kids. There was a time when I would have been very upset and allowed my disappointment regarding our plans to ruin a wonderful evening. But there is so much more freedom now!

Kent said...

Tina, that is really cool. All I can think of anymore is that life is gift. Every moment I have is gift enough and all the expectations I used to place on myself and others robbed me and them of what we already have...the gift we have been given, free of all that we attempt to grab for that God has not given.