Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Is the religion of Christianity really any different than the other world religions that Christianity is so quick to condemn as dead and destructive because they don't contain truth? I actually wonder if Christianity is even more problematic to people because it does contain more of the Truth than the others and yet often ends up being a wall that keeps many from the reality of the transformed life? It just seems to me that religion is religion and a religion that contains a lot of language about the Truth (or should I say the story of the One who is true) and yet is still an adventure in missing the point like religion has always been, might just be causing much confusion as to what the incarnation, the cross, resurrection and ascension was all about?

And it's possible that these thoughts might just be due to the fact that I have been suffering with extreme pain in my lower back now for 36 hours and on top of that, while at work today, heard countless stories of abusive controlling manipulative behavior coming from people who claim to be "defending" God's truth. Maybe?.......but I tend to lean to something more on the lines of this...."Houston, there seems to be a problem."


Sue said...

Yes, and yes, and yes. This is what is so frustrating from both sides of the fence.

Your back pain must be driving you crazy. I hope it is easing for you, Kent.

Grateful Girl said...

I agree with what you are saying Kent. At the current moment I am in a bit of a situation with someone who openly disagrees with me in regard to my views on religion.(I am ok with this by the way!) It's a long story, but basically she is mostly afraid of the devil. More than she is worried about having a relationship with an amazing, loving God. And following RULES instead of being free.

Hope your back feels better...

rob horton said...

god's grace to your back kent. i hope your pain is heading out the door.


Jennifer said...

Yes! The religion built around Jesus is like leading a thirsty horse to the river and then building a fence just before the water.

Sorry to hear about your back, that is NO fun...especially in your line of work. Hope it gets better SOON!

Kirk said...

It is only provocative when heard from inside that box. The very nature of the question has been transformative for me in really starting to learn how far off Father's track religion has taken us. We have a guest lecturer coming to our Sunday club this weekend that is from one of the groups that "defends" God's truth by telling you how to effectively bash folks from all the other religions. I think you're on to something here.

And from a fellow lower back pain traveler, I am praying you are feeling some relief.


Kent said...

thanks for the paryers everyone. The back is a bit better today. I've grown pretty familiar with the process and it always just takes time.

Kirk, you are so right about to whom the question sounds provocative.

Joel Brueseke said...

I agree - The religion of Christianity is just that... a religion. And indeed I think it's sad that it masquerades itself as life, when life is not found in religion but is only found in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jennifer, I would add one thing to your scenario. Not only is it like leading a horse to a river and building a fence just before the water, but more than often there's also a nice, tempting salt block there... which only adds to the thirst.

Kent said...

yep it is like something being promised and dangled in front of people just out of reach. And I am not pointing a finger at anyone as if they are doing this intentionally to others...it's just the nature of the message that is bing presented in most cases.

Religion says that there is a gap between us and God and it is our effort that bridges the gap. As hard as one tries the gap remains. When the gospels say that it is God that bridged the gap to sit on our side of the table and show us that we are accepted and it is not based upon what we do.