Monday, May 05, 2008


and I will show you someone who is coming to understand and feel the grip of grace.

"I need your grace
to remind me
to find my own."
snow patrol

It's the wastefulness of God's grace that sets people free. While people remain in a place of fear they will never let their guard down. They actually remain in a place of scrambling to fix their own mess and that of others and grace stands waiting, inviting them to give up the game. A mind set on the flesh can never free us, and fear and shame and guilt have a way of keeping the mind set on the flesh...busy applying law in an attempt to find something that only comes as we accept this amazing transforming grace that Father, Son and Spirit have freely given. It's grace that brings forth new life.

Do we live like we believe it?


Nicole said...

Hey Kent, everytime I come to your blog I leave with a feeling of being renewed and refreshed! Just the pictures of your garden alone can lift my spirits! They are truly amazing!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Sue said...

I second Nicole's sentiments :)

Kent said...

Thanks Nicole and Sue, but anything refreshing and able to renew that possibly comes from these ponderings of mine are due to nothing but HIS GRACE.

This blog is just my story and I live very aware of the fact that a short 3 years ago I was living from somewhere else and grace was just an that seemed to sound good but wasn't at all realistic.

Today it is the only thing that makes sense.

Dave A. said...

As a recovering self-mess-fixer I know how long it's taken me to grab hold and live in His grace. I don't understand it any better and I know none of us certainly deserve it but I'm learning to take hold of it and run with it anyway. Thanks Kent. And I too have loved these images of your gardening magic.

Nicole said...

I can honestly say that Father is using you to minister to our hearts, His true grace that overflows out of your guenuiness to share on your blog!

You are deeply touched by Father!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Kent said...

Nicole, Father has always been gracious and wonderful and safe and available...I was just too busy trying to work him through all the religious activity and effort.

It's when we learn to rest, that his grace will freely flow through us all.