Friday, May 30, 2008


So my question is: "When did the subversion begin?

Here is an article with some of the things the critics of The Shack say and why they think it is spreading a subversive message. The Shack Opens Doors

I am very comfortable seeing the message as presented by the naysayers set along side the message presented in The Shack and The Jake Book and He Loves Me and the books of Baxter Kruger and Darin Hufford's The God's Honest Truth and Mike Yaconelli's Dangerous Wonder and Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz to mention a few.

Jacques Ellul's book titled The Subversion of Christianity points to the fact that much of what passes for Christianity is already the outcome of a tragic shift that happened a long time ago. So if those who are fighting to hang onto something that has already been subverted maybe what they see as the subversive message is just an awakening that is happening and a move back to a message that presents Father Son and Spirit more in line with who they really are?


Kirk said...

I think alot of the push back comes from folks that can clearly see how a God as good this would undermine much of the control the system has over people's lives.


Kent said...

I think you are right Kirk