Sunday, May 25, 2008


After reading Tina's comment in one of the posts below and listening to an interview today with Steve Stockman, I got to thinking about two books I read back in 06. WALK ON The spiritual journey of U2 by Steve and Hope Against Darkness by Richard Rohr. You would love the U2 book. It is these quotes below that came to mind and I knew I had blogged about them back while reading these books so I went searching for them. The first quote is from Stockman and the second one is from Rohr. This type of living is without pattern because it is not about law, it's about grace. It's possible to live under law and withdraw from the world (and often that is what is done) and that has a definite pattern to it. We can't possibly live the life of grace unless we are out there, on the flowing tide of life with people, and if we attempt to make that into a pattern we'll be frustrated rather quickly and we will give up, and more than likely pick up law again.

This is from WALK ON
"It was that very flowing tide where Jesus had commanded His disciples to live. Out there where the city gambles. Where no one believes. Out there among the thieves. In the face of abuse and mockery. Where love violently dies. Out there at their daily Calvary, to take up their crosses and follow. Not to holler but to follow. If only Jesus had said to Peter, "Pray this prayer and withdraw from the world and make sure you preach in every song." He didn't. He said, "Follow me into a daily dynamic of dilemma where they will misunderstand you and castigate you and call you all kinds of things. It'll be messy, and every decision will not always be on the white or black side of grey, but follow me. Get involved. Where I walked."

And from Hope Against Darkness
"If you don't get forgiveness, you're missing the whole mystery. You are still living in a world of meritocracy, of quid-pro-quo thinking, a world of performance and behavior that earns an award. Forgiveness is the great thawing of all logic and reason and worthiness. It is the melting into the mystery of God as unearned love, unmerited grace, the humility and powerlessness of a Divine Lover. Forgiveness is the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole Gospel, as far as I can see.
Without radical and rule-breaking forgiveness-----received and given----there will be no reconstruction of anything. It alone breaks down our damnable world of trying to buy and sell grace. Grace is certainly the one gift that must always be free, perfectly free----to work. Without forgiveness there will be no future. We have hurt one another in too many historically documented and remembered ways. The only way out of the present justified hatreds of the world is grace."

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Tina said...

This reminds me of one of those great paradoxes (one of Sue's favorite words!). Whoever seeks to save their life will lose it.

When we embrace the danger of this "daily Calvary," we are most secure in Him - we are most alive, because that is the place where it is about His life.

Fantastic quotes, Kent. Thanks for giving me so much to ponder...