Thursday, May 01, 2008


With every passing day I grow more and more amazed with the astounding uniqueness that exists in God's creation and more and more troubled by the process that is employed by the forces that attempt to rob us of that uniqueness in an effort to accomplish some sort of "Order".
This brings me back to a Jacques Ellul quote that a friend posted on his blog almost a year ago. "When stability (uniformity) is achieved, there is no more harmony."

The loss of a big part of our individual uniqueness is unavoidable within the context of this quest for uniformity and order. Law has that effect on the freedom God desires for us. All the systems humanity has thought up in it's combined "wisdom" must achieve conformity so as to accomplish that which is desired. It's just how it works. It's also very understandable with the effects of sin and the lawlessness that this world has been subjected to ever since the freedom our creator gave us began to be used for self-serving purposes. Understandable maybe, but no less a dead end road that cannot possibly pull humanity (individuals) out of the ditch they have fallen into.

God has never removed the freedom he allowed for in his creation. But he did in his love and graciousness make a way for us to live a life where conformity is not the rule. It seems even the religious systems have never believed this? Maybe it is just a part of the bigger world system set on conformity? It seems to throw it's support behind the status quo more often than not. Individuals being set free of fear and shame and the effect of the games humanity has created in an attempt to control the chaos, cannot produce harmony, an expression that is absent in all the systems set on uniformity and control through the use of law.

Law came about due to the chaos created by man and woman's grab for independence. Sin. And it actually sets humanity in a place of attempting to play God. It will always be antithetical to the freedom and uniqueness God built into his creation and desires and will accomplish. Where law increases sin abounds all the more. But oh how beautiful is the plan and purpose of the incarnation, the cross and the new life made possible when we enter back into the relationship we were created for with Father, Son, and Spirit. Where grace is on the increase the hope of salvation, restoration, redemption, and God's holiness and righteousness become a reality. And where that is happening, the unique character of each and every person being set free remains intact and flourishes...not some fabricated weak expression brought about through religious self-effort.

The only redemptive purpose found in law (and that's God's laws, not humanity's laws) is it was given to us as a way of bringing us to the end of self-effort. That's the sum total, beginning and end of it's redemptive intention. The story contained in scripture points to a progressive movement. Fear is the beginning of wisdom and law is a part of that. But then comes along perfect love that casts out fear, manifested in the person of Jesus Christ, and he fulfills something we were never capable of fulfilling. God knew we couldn't. We weren't created to live under law, something that is always attempting to move us towards uniformity and robbing us of our uniqueness, and in the end actually makes people feel there is really no need for God. It is an attempt to make people feel secure in there independence. We were created to live in a dependent relationship with our creator, our Father. Grace and mercy and forgiveness is what leads us back to that relationship. Law in all it's manifestations can never accomplish that.


Jennifer said...

Hey, I was getting to this. ;)

Just being silly. Very well said!

Kent said...

Jennifer, I started out to write a bit about our uniqueness and it drifted naturally into the Ellul quote which then led me into one of the contrasts that has remained front and center in my life for awhile now. The difference between law and grace.

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about drifting. That's why my thoughts are taking so long to congeal, there is just so much ruminating about these two concepts and how grace really does originate in God.

I've been having a little dilemma, these past few years, about what to call God. It seems all names fail, and it makes more sense all the time to just leave Him nameless...but then how to speak of Him in writing... I'm adopting Father without the article before it, but even that doesn't seem to cover Him. I see why He used the "I am that I am".

Free Spirit said...

I'm sorry, I was not able to find your name. I gather from the previous comment that it is Kent?

I enjoyed this post and will be back to read more. As a fellow sojourner in this journey with Father, I have for a while now wanted to know how to get the picture logo for The Shack. I have its link on my blog, but didn't know how to go about getting the picture to go with it. A friend of mine, who is much more well-versed in computer technology kindly shared the "code" to use for the God Journey's logo. Would you, by chance, be able to share with me how to get this one too? I really want to direct others to one of the main pieces of work that Father has used to dramatically change my life and understanding. I love how big The Shack logo is on your page; would love to have the same on mine.
Thank you!!

Kent said...

try going here:

This is the one I used:

I was never able to actually get it to where the banner was a link to The Shack website though. Maybe someone who knows more about these things will jump in here to help you.

free spirit it's always great having new people stop by here. I'd love to hear sometime some of the changes in thinking that has happened in you since reading The Shack and how those changes have drawn you in closer to Father and the freedom that aways follows that.

Kent said...

free spirit, I just noticed the link to your blog. I will spend some time there reading of some of the things going on in your world.

Kent said...

Oh, and yes, I am Kent.

Free Spirit said...

Thanks Kent. It takes me awhile to remember to go back and check the comment section of a blog I've visited to see response to my comments. It just dawned on me that I hadn't seen a response from you yet. Many people reply thru email. Not complaining, just explaining my delay.