Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Today I had one of those encounters that make ya go HUH?????....or maybe...You've got to be kidding!!!!!!!

Yesterday a friend that attended the same fellowship that I left 20 years ago, when we stepped away from an organized expression of Church, called the salon to set up an appointment. A 2 1/2 hour service which would give us some time to talk. I thought, well how cool is that? After all these years she is coming back to me to take care of her hair and hopefully because she thinks hooking up might be a cool thing to do. See, I never saw her again once we left that fellowship and she stopped coming into the salon also. I left work Yesterday very much looking forward to connecting with her again.

What happened this morning when I went to greet her was some what of a shock for both of us.

She had no idea she was going to see me today. She had called the salon because she had heard such good things about Michael Isaiah Designs For Hair. She had called up and asked for anyone that was available and that just turned out to be me. Now, what are the chances of that happening?

She's been working for the Ron Paul for President Campaign for the past 9 months. Did she and I ever have an interesting conversation. Towards the end of our time together and due to the content of our conversation..politics and religion and war...I mentioned The Shack and since I had the latest USA today article in my drawer about Paul and some of what the critics are saying, I handed it to her. She reads this: But critics call book 'scripturally incorrect' and 'subversive' and then she said something like this to me. You involved with something that is considered subversive by the establishment? What a shock!!!!!

I guess her memory is pretty good from 20 years ago :)

She told me as she left she would see me in 5 weeks. Papa sets up some pretty cool adventures and encounters.


Sue said...

Oh, cool!!

Isn't it amazing how much people change? Your post from a few weeks (?) ago about change has stuck with me. We label others at our peril, because people often change, even when we think that everyone and everything is always the same.

Kent said...

Sue, we had a fun conversation and I don't think she was surprised about the fact that when it came to the things we discussed that I was saying things that were pushing at the accepted norms. She said that she remembered me as a radical back in the days.

We were scary to some people back then. Myself, my brother and his wife, the three wild hairstylists that looked more like we had come from the local nightclub, and a good friend that was a graphic artist, picking up hitchhikers and homeless people and bringing them into our homes and to services and at the same time telling them to shut the services down and go to the people where they were at. And then when we left because they wouldn't shut the thing down they seemed surprised.

Thinking back on it does make it sound a bit funny.

Sue said...


It sounds bloody wonderful.

Kent said...

We had good caring hearts but we were overzealous idiots. And my poor young wife, the proper preacher's kid, she wondered what she had gotten herself into. It's a good thing it was a pretty quick engagement and then wedding. If it had been drawn out she might have ran for the hills :)

If she reads this and thinks back to 20 years ago she might kick herself for not slipping out.

Sue said...

Hehe :) Yeah, right.

Hey, if you ever feel like revisiting those times, it would make for some interesting reading. Overzealous idiots whose zeal has warmed over into lurve makes for good reading :)

Kent said...

The story has been full of adventure....a lot of it an adventure in missing the point.

The move to love has been so freeing and has brought back into focus those wild eyed days of wanting to care for and serve people.

Thinking about all of this reminds me of a Bono story of him going to an Art Gallery Premier (recently) where all the photos that U2's photographer had taken of the band from the beginning were on display.

Anton Corbijin, the band's official photographer took Bono aside and pointed to a picture of a young Bono during a photo shoot for their recording WAR and asked Bono, If you could say anything to that young kid right now what would it be?

Bono said: I would tell him to hang onto what is inside his heart because he was right.

I wish that part of the young zealous caring kid I was back then had not been lost for all those years playing the game. But hey, I guess that has all factored into who I am today. It's all really weird isn't it? I knew back then that Bono had something real and I even let the religious game draw me away from him and judge him during much of the 90s.

A lot of hard leasons have been learned.

Grateful Girl said...

That is really something! How cool...