Monday, June 02, 2008


Just as the more subtle forms of oppression can end up being the most enslaving so can the same be said of a religion that contains more of the truth. Just because Christianity is built around the Bible doesn't keep it from being just another expression of religion. Jesus came to free us from all attempts of freeing ourselves which has never been possible to do. And everything we do that falls outside of what Jesus has accomplished keeps us on the exhausting road that perpetuates the mess. Christianity just seems to miss this point. It took me awhile to begin to see through it all, but what a glorious day it was when my ears began to hear clearly Jesus' invitation out of my chosen form of religion so he could begin to unwind the religious thinking that had shaped me from the outside in.

I know this is scary and confusing for many people shaped by Christian was for the Pharisees in Jesus' day also who were shaped by the greatest religion of their day, the one that they thought God had endorsed. As difficult as it was for them to accept, it is the same for us in our time, but the Good News is as much Good News today as it was back then. It is finished and all that is left for us to do is to come home.

On a day not so long ago, a wonderful day indeed, I saw through the veil that Christianity had keep between myself and my home and all in that same moment I felt exposed, undone, and defenseless ( residual effects of the religious mind) and at the same time so acutely aware of the fact that I needed no defense ( the renewing of a mind by the wastefulness of Father's grace). In that moment for the first time I saw our Father and he wasn't accusing me of anything, he was loving me instead and had been all along. The yoke has never felt so easy and the burden has never felt so light.

There is no need to fear the One who loves us and longs for us to feel safe with him at home. And if the religious voice whispering in your ear is saying something's a lie.


Grateful Girl said...

Amen Brother... His yoke is easy and His burden is light.. I so resinate with you in this post and I am thankful you said it...

~Peace to you!

Free Spirit said...

I'm there. Shedding my chrysalis of religion for my new wings of freedom.

Love the phrase: "wastefulness of Father's grace"!!

Kent said...

That phrase is borrowed and I love it as well.

Free Spirit, I have been reading some over on your site. It seems there is a lot of freedom being realized.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Kent, I appreciate everything you said here. A friend pointed me to your site so I am linking to you and also linked to you in a post today.


Its not on the blog linked to my blogger profile its here:

Kent said...

Barabra, this freedom from the old mindset (where everything flows from fear...EVERYTHING) to this renewing of my mind (where everything flows from love...ALL OF IT) has and is changing every facet of my being.

In 46 years of living by the old way and remaining so trapped by all the frustration/anger/judgemental attitude/exhaustion/ and still longing for the ellusive love/peace/joy/REST...etc. etc. I no longer feel trapped playing a game that promised but never delivered and the beautiful outcome is, the latter has replaced the former.

I'm glad you stumbled over here. It's always fun meeting new people.

Bino Manjasseril said...

I have been reading your blog for few days now. I came here through Joel's blog. I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading the stuff you write. I too am in a similar journey as you are, running from religion to Christ...
Love and peace!

Kent said...

Bino, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and I am glad you are finding something helpful here.