Sunday, June 01, 2008


Here is a link to a blog of a brother that I am so with in spirit. He is in the middle of a painful yet beautiful transition/transformation. He posted this song that speaks so clearly of the process and what it often feels like when in the middle of the process.

I know it is painful, believe me I know. Here are some words of encouragement (believe it or not) but I think it takes someone being nearer the end of the transition as opposed to being nearer the beginning to really be able to see this and know deep down inside what it is speaking of. This is real and I am confident Father will see you through.
Musicians have such a way of speaking things that are somewhat hidden yet are so profound they can speak to us and they become clearer and clearer as we begin to receive new eyes on the other side. This is from Over The Rhine
That’s the trouble with you and me
We always hit the bottom ‘fore we get set free
I’m so far down
I’m beginning to breathe
and something else from another powerful song about the process. This is from U2
You're taking steps that make you feel dizzy
Then you learn to like the way it feels.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I'm glad I was pointed to your blog, I am getting a lot here that I needed...never even heard of U2 or Over the Rhine till today.

Just kidding about U2 (I'm a huge fan)