Sunday, May 24, 2009

WONDER IF?????????

What if it turns out to be that all along it was God's kindness that is his discipline? Scripture doesn't say that it is punishment that leads to repentance. Just something to think about.


Sue said...

Oh, my, Kentster!!!!! Are you inside my head? I was wondering exactly the same thing before!! LOL.

Kent said...

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and those words just flowed out of my mouth. Seems like the time with Father, free of any of the old mistaken notions as to his character and how he sets us free, has done/is doing a wonderful thing inside me. It has pushed/is pushing all the lying crap out about who he/she/it really is.

Sue said...

I was having a conversation with myself today and those words just flowed into my head :D

That is wonderful, Kent. Loving watching you continue to see the freedom/love depths and widths. You have been an encouragement for a long time now and you continue to be. Enjoy the greater freedom & sight :)

Kent said...

Thanks Sue. And all that back acha.

I just don't have time for all the crap talk/crap thinking/crap acting out anymore.

It's just impossible to stay in such a hole shaped by such crap once you have stepped into the light. All the denial and justifications associated with the crap hole that I used to live in are so stunning looking at them all from this space.

Now to continue to learn to just live it out in such a way that might be a help to others. And that's all we can be is a help because until people see it for themselves...they will continue to find ways to justisfy the crap in their heads...even if they aren't having fun and aren't experiencing joy and peace and rest.

Isn't it just strange/sad that those fruits are sacrificed and people settle for the fruits associated with the lie? Like superiority/arrogance/demanding/punitive/exhausted-hanging-onto-the-end/etc.etc.etc.

How is it possible that all of that has been passed off as somehow being the fruit produced by the hearing of the good news? When in actuality it's the fruit that has been produced once the Good News Message had been subverted.

Sue said...

"How is it possible that all of that has been passed off as somehow being the fruit produced by the hearing of the good news? When in actuality it's the fruit that has been produced once the Good News Message had been subverted."

Yeah. Strange vines indeed, huh? Been a bit of weird crap grafting of our own going on that had nothin' to do with Jesus' fine vineyardmanship :)

Kent said...

very true

Carolyn said...

Hi Kent! Haven't been participating in the conversations lately--just taking some time to grow. But I have been reading your posts because your wisdom and insight is always so helpful to me on my journey. Anyway, this thought took me back to my childhood. It reminded me of times when my mom was really really nice to me and how that always made me feel like I wanted to just be so good for her! But when she was mean (or what I called mean) in the name of discipline or correction, I landed a little more on the rebellious, passive-aggressive side. Funny!

Kent said...

Carolyn, thanks for that story. We all have experienced it before but culture seems to tells us to not trust it. We hear it over and over and see it over and over...people trusting in fear and punishment and discounting the transforming power of LOVE...GRACE...and FORGIVENESS and MERCY

I'm not fooled by it anymore and I am not buying the lie any longer.

Sue said...

I've been spending the last few nights listening to some old podcasts by a particular teacher I was quite enamoured with in my more Pente days.

I liked this guy because he veers off into the mystical quite often. Obviously has a love for God, for teh mystery, for teh breathtaking overarching of everything.

His paradigm is decidedly pre-trib/eternal hell type paradigm. And I can't help wondering how much of that sort of viewpoint is what contributes to his rather uncaring sort of demeanour about anyone other than him and his little bad of people who have got it right. The nastiness. The snide laughter about other people. The us and them mentality. It just went on and on and on. Even though I find what he says about the texts interesting and edifying, the asides to his listeners are pretty disgusting, really. Love gone cold.

It's been illuminating listening. Because I think he misses the point so often. And yet, despite that, the love of God shines through. It is stronger than anything, even hate and the sort of cold-hearted judgment-aside-from-love we have ascribed so often to him.

Kent said...

We hear the story of love and when we feel it we know deep down inside it is true because we know that when we have felt it it changes us.

Now to just continue in it...unbroken. Living loved and loving.