Friday, September 04, 2009


Having left what many refer to as the Church here in America over 20 years ago, I have to be honest and say that I have thought about this possibility of a more secular society and a dwindling of the influence on that society of what I would instead call Civil Religion. The desperate actions of that civil religion as expressed in the Evangelical Religious Right seem to me to be an attempt to make something make sense and seem relevant that no longer makes sense nor is relevant.

It feels as if there is a big "wake up" call coming and it is needed. The message of Jesus is not represented well by a people that feel superior to everyone else and stand aloof. And in turn what they reflect into the culture (and the world, due to America's reach) that they call Christian, turns out to not be very Christ like at all.

The message of "Do Not Be Afraid" has become very relevant, but it's a hard sell in a country that has been so shaped by a religion that has peddled fear as it's foundation. Jesus is the only foundation and he is not afraid.

I have a hunch that Christians are some of the most fear filled people in the American culture. They are afraid of the culture itself...they are afraid of sin...they are afraid of atheists, they are afraid of the religious "other", they are afraid of agnostics, they are afraid of people who have broken away from the established civil religion, and they are even afraid of God himself. And instead they protect the small little superior world view that keeps them from seeing that the liberating message of Jesus has been subverted by a system that can't contain nor was it ever established by God to contain Him and his people. It's just become another confining prison that keeps people from being able to see the wonderfully beautiful liberating Good News.

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Sue said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Christians are the most fearful. How could it be any different with the way everything is presented? The small god about to hurl them to hell?

"Jesus is the only foundation and he is not afraid."

That's lovely :)